Agnisakshi 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajnandini’s evil intent

Agnisakshi 12th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Manohar asks Jeevika if she is happy in the house and Pallavi tells her not to trouble her parents with small problems. Pallavi hugs Jeevika and tells her she looks beautiful. Pradeep expresses concern for Jeevika and wants to talk to Satvik about it. Rajnandini comes to help Jeevika choose a dress for the party and brings a dress she had made for Satvik’s preference. Jeevika shows Rajnandini the dress she designed and stitched herself. Pallavi tells Jeevika to go and talk to her in-laws if they feel bad about anything. Narayan asks if everything is fine and Lata confirms that it is.

Shlok takes Jhanvi in his lap and Swara invites Jhanvi to come with her. Swara gets upset and goes to Jeevika’s room after Shlok comments on her crying. Swara takes a photo of Jeevika and Satvik together after Jeevika shows her the dress she is wearing. Satvik expresses discomfort with Jeevika’s dress to Swara and Rajnandini. Rajnandini tells Satvik that Jeevika’s simplicity might expose the truth about their relationship to the guests at the party. Rajnandini calls Juhi and mentions a ring masterni in a circus. Swara notes that everyone is happy.

Manohar talked to Jeevika about something. Jeevika and Satvik come downstairs and the spotlight falls on them. Aadhya signs Satvik to hold Jeevika’s waist and he hesitantly does so. Media is present at the event. Satvik is surprised to see the media and wonders why they are there. The reporter congratulates Satvik and Jeevika.

The reporter continues to ask Jeevika questions, but Satvik steps in and thanks them for coming, stating that the media was not invited to the private affair. Meanwhile, Shlok is stopped by Rajnandini who reminds him of his connection to Rita Sarkar. Manas warns Shlok about the media’s ability to turn lies into truth. Juhi and Rajnandini exchange a look as the reporter asks Jeevika if her relationship with Satvik is the result of a conspiracy or recommendation. The reporter also asks Jeevika if she truly loves the Bhosle empire and its emperor Satvik.

The reporter thanks Satvik and leaves. Jeevika thanks Satvik for handling the situation so well. Satvik says he knows how to handle the media, as he has done it before. Manas asks Shlok if he is enjoying. Shlok says yes and says he wants to go home. Sukanya says they will go after dinner. Rajnandini comes to Jeevika and Satvik and apologizes for the reporter’s behavior. Jeevika says it’s okay. Satvik says he knows it was Rajnandini’s plan to call the reporter. Rajnandini denies it and says she doesn’t know who called the reporter. Jeevika says they should forget about it and enjoy the party. Rajnandini thinks that Jeevika is innocent, but she will not spare Satvik.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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