Agnisakshi 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Satvik seeks Jhanvi’s help to meet Jeevika

Agnisakshi 25th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Manas asks Satvik if he is searching for his one dozen mother, suggesting that he wants Jeevika to have more children. Satvik seems uneasy and says something is wrong. Jeevika’s dream is to have a happy marriage with children, but she is compromising for some reason. Pradeep receives a letter which he later forgets on the table, and Jhanvi shows him a photo of Jeevika, leading to a selfie. Manas asks Satvik if he thinks Jeevika is sacrificing her dreams due to his help paying off her family’s debt. Satvik plans to talk to Jeevika before the marriage, but they are not supposed to meet according to Guru ji’s rule. Jeevika finds the letter and puts it in her bag, and Jhanvi promises to help her meet “aatya” (presumably someone important to Jeevika).

Pradeep speaks with Baba and Baba appreciates the arrangements, but worries about how they will live without Jeevika. Narayan assures Baba that Jeevika will be very happy in her new home. Rajnandini brings more jewellery for Jeevika and urges Aai to take it as a gift from her. Aai hesitates but Juhi encourages her to accept the gift, and Pallavi thanks God.

Baba expresses his worries as a father of a daughter, but Narayan assures him that Jeevika will be like their own daughter. Narayan learns that Satvik has paid off the family’s debt of 42 lakhs and feels proud and happy. Aai puts bridal pearls on Jeevika’s head and Pallavi compliments her beauty with the added jewelry. Jeevika’s friend comments on her beauty, joking that she will have 12 children instead of 6, but Aai recalls Jeevika’s inability to become a mother.

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