Agnisakshi 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Narayan Praises Satvik

Agnisakshi 26th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Jeevika has a dream of having six children and Siddhi suggests she could have more since her rich jiju can take care of 12 kids. Aai thinks about Jeevika’s bidaai after hearing Siddhi’s suggestion. Siddhi has finished her work and asks Pallavi if she can talk to her as a best friend. Jeevika is asked by Siddhi if she can give her one child from her own children, and Jeevika agrees. Siddhi is afraid of someone’s bad sight falling on her and puts kajal under her ear. Satvik seeks Jeevika’s help, and Jeevika agrees to meet him after the puja. Rajnandini ties Mundawale to Satvik and lies about the reason for her father’s absence.

Jeevika decides to hear Satvik despite the prohibition, and Juhi tells Satvik that Narayan uncle is calling him. Rajnandini asks Jhanvi what she is hiding from her, and Jhanvi tells Satvik that their conversation is a top secret. Aai and Pallavi return, and Siddhi stops Jeevika from telling them where she is going. Siddhi says Jeevika is going to get some fresh air and have ice cream. Aai asks Jeevika not to go out as the Gauri puja is about to start. Siddhi praises Aai for being so concerned about Jeevika’s well-being. Narayan compliments Satvik on his mundaware and reminisces about his own wedding day. Satvik asks Narayan what would have happened if he didn’t love Aai, but hesitates to share his own thoughts.

Swara and Shlok argue after colliding with each other, and Swara asks him to help pick up boxes. Narayan consoles Satvik, saying his nervousness is natural, and Jeevika’s smile will give him answers to his questions. He expresses pride in Satvik’s decision to invest in Manohar Saheb and the importance of trust in today’s world. Narayan tells Satvik that he heard about his help with 42 lakhs and trusted a stranger’s family, and he is proud of him. Satvik becomes emotional and teary-eyed while Narayan consoles him, saying he doesn’t need to hide his tears.

Satvik decides to tell Jeevika the truth about his feelings and comes to where she is standing behind a curtain. Jeevika greets him, and he apologizes for calling her there. He explains that he didn’t know she would come, but she replies that she will always come when he calls. Satvik expresses his gratitude for their meeting being possible due to her. He says that his father was speaking to him about the importance of marriage and rituals, but he couldn’t understand it because he thinks that their marriage is destined to fail. He admits that he doesn’t know how Jeevika hides her pain and proceeds to say that he is only marrying her for his father’s happiness. He explains that this is a compromise for a few months and that he has never loved her, as he still loves Supriya and will continue to do so. He tells Jeevika that she can curse him in her heart and urges her to speak her mind.

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