Ajooni 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Ravinder defends Dolly against Shikha

Ajooni 11th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Scene 1: Dolly mixed ink in cream as a form of revenge against Ajooni. Ravindra expresses his anger towards Dolly and wants to physically punish her. Ajooni stops Ravindra from applying the ink on Dolly’s face and says she has forgiven Dolly. Dolly doesn’t trust Ajooni’s forgiveness. Harvindar also wants Dolly to be punished. The disagreement highlights a difference in views on how to handle retribution and forgiveness. Ravindra considers punishment as the only way to handle the situation, while Ajooni believes in forgiving. The situation has escalated to the point where physical violence is being considered as a form of punishment. Dolly and Harvindar remain defiant in the face of Ajooni’s forgiveness.

Shikha believes that Dolly should be punished to prevent her from repeating her actions. Dolly tells Shikha to keep quiet, to which Shikha responds by attempting to slap her. Ravindra stops Shikha from slapping Dolly and sets a condition that Shikha must promise not to repeat her actions. Harvindar agrees to Ravindra’s condition and still wants to punish Dolly. Dolly is eventually made to apologize to Harvindar, who forgives her but warns her to be careful in the future. The situation highlights the power dynamic in the family and the different attitudes towards punishment and forgiveness. Shikha’s attempt to physically harm Dolly underscores the volatile nature of the conflict. Ravindra’s intervention and setting of a condition for Shikha shows his role as a mediator and attempts to diffuse the situation. Despite the apology, the underlying tension and disagreement in the family remains unresolved.

Scene 2: Chanku is outside a lottery office and requests the manager to recheck her ticket. The manager informs Chanku that she did not win the lottery and suggests that someone might have played a joke on her. Chanku recalls that Shikha told her about the lottery and is now determined to take revenge. The situation shows Chanku’s disappointment and frustration, as well as her desire for retribution.

Shikha tries to help Harvindar clean the ink from his face by bringing a cream. The cream causes Harvindar’s face to burn. Harsh intervenes and expresses his feelings for Shikha. Harsh states that he would do anything for Shikha, even kill

Harman informs Ravindra that he has bought gifts to increase support. Ravindra agrees that it’s a good idea. Harvindar accidentally bumps into Sundari, causing the gifts to fall. Ravindra criticizes Shikha for the situation. Harvindar creepily holds Sundari’s hand but she moves it away. and doesn’t want her to leave him. Harvindar calls for Shikha, interrupting the moment between her and Harsh.

Shikha expresses her concern about Harvindar being constantly insulted. Harvindar dismisses Ravindra’s insults and assures Shikha. Shikha challenges Harvindar’s bravery. Harvindar proves his bravery by drinking alcohol. Shikha plans to use Harvindar against Rajveer and Ajooni.


Ajooni claims to have seen Harvindar trying to molest Sundari. Ajooni promises to take the matter to the police.

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