Ajooni 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Harvinder attempts to molest Sundari

Ajooni 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Scene 1: Harvinder drinks at home and is warned by Aman not to let Ravinder catch him. Aman gives Harvinder medicine for his eyes after he lied about dust getting in them. Ravinder reprimands Harvinder for not bathing before leaving. Harvinder drinks again and Aman tries to stop him but is grabbed from behind. Aman makes an effort to keep Ravinder away from their space. Harvinder initially claims he’s not afraid of Ravinder, but becomes frightened when he hears his voice.

Scene 2: Aman instructs Sundari to give Harvinder the pakoda. Ajooni questions Aman about why she is cooking. Aman informs Ajooni that Harvinder is drinking. Aman assures Ajooni that Harvinder will fall asleep after drinking. Ajooni leaves the kitchen. The food item being given to Harvinder is pakoda. The text implies that Harvinder may have an alcohol-induced drowsiness.

Sundari gives Harvinder pakoda to eat while watching television. Sundari is questioned about her love of dancing and performs a dance for Harvinder. Harvinder holds onto Sundari’s hand tightly as they dance together. Sundari asks Harvinder to release his hold on her hand but is unsuccessful in her attempt to leave. Sundari screams for help as Harvinder tries to se*ually assault her.

Harvinder leaves Sundari upon hearing Ajooni’s voice. Harvinder accuses Sundari of trying to trap him. Sundari denies Harvinder’s claims and defends herself to Ajooni. Harvinder warns Sundari not to disclose the incident to anyone and tries to hit her. Ajooni intervenes and rescues Sundari from Harvinder’s attack. Ajooni takes Sundari away and calls Rajveer for help. Rajveer is found at the party office. Ajooni plans to inform Ravinder about Sundari’s situation.

Ajooni tells Ravinder everything, including Harvinder’s drinking at home. Harvinder denies Ajooni’s claims and accuses her of lying. Ravinder severely beats Harvinder while Harman and Shikha try to intervene. Bebe asks Ravinder to listen to Harvinder and put a stop to the beating. Ravinder accuses Harvinder’s parents of covering up his faults since childhood, implying he has not changed

Sundari expresses her gratitude towards Ajooni for rescuing her. Shikha accuses Ajooni of exploiting Sundari’s situation. Rajveer is informed about the incident by Ajooni and questions the benefit of lying about it. Shikha asks about evidence against the other party and accuses Ajooni and Sundari of being deceivers. Ajooni tells Sundari they will visit the police station, seeking justice. Harvinder is rebuked by Rajveer and urged to face punishment for his actions. Ravinder insists that the matter stays within his house and threatens Ajooni and Rajveer not to involve the police. Harman and Bebe oppose Ajooni’s actions and side with Ravinder’s decision. Rajveer advises Ravinder not to cover up Harvinder’s mistake and instead allow him to face the consequences. Ravinder promises to discipline Harvinder, but not involve the police.


Shikha claims that Ajooni is lying and that Harvinder is innocent. Harvinder suggests that there is a way to prove his innocence.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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