Anupama 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Barkha alerts Maya

Anupama and Vanraj bring home Toshu, who is paralyzed, on a wheelchair. During their arrival, Toshu’s leg falls off the wheelchair, and Vanraj puts it back. Vanraj tells Toshu that everyone is welcoming him, and Pakhi shows a welcome home card to him. Hasmukh reminds Leela not to cry in front of Toshu, and Kinjal also welcomes him home. Anupama suggests performing a tilak ceremony with the help of Pari as it is considered auspicious. The song “Abhi Mujhme Kahin Bakhi Si Hai Zindagi” plays in the background. The scene seems to be emotional and sentimental with family members showing their love and support for Toshu. The song playing in the background adds to the emotional atmosphere of the scene.

Anupama comforts Toshu and tells him not to cry, and Vanraj agrees. Anupama performs an aarti ceremony for Toshu and showers flowers on him. Neighbors show sympathy for Toshu and clap for him. Anupama prays for Toshu’s speedy recovery. Vanraj and Samar take Toshu to his room on his wheelchair. Anupama becomes emotional and breaks down after Toshu leaves, expressing her sadness that he can no longer stand or interact with his family. Leela and Hasmukh comfort Anupama, and she wipes her tears, saying that Toshu will be fine soon.

Anuj returns home with the intention of helping Little Anu with her homework. He finds Maaya cooking in the kitchen, who greets him and offers to make tea for him. Anuj goes to Little Anu’s room to help with her homework. Barkha warns Maaya not to try to become Anupama and reminds her that Anupama is away because of Toshu’s illness. Maaya responds that if Barkha had paid more attention to her, she would be happier with her husband. Barkha gets angry with Maaya and says she is tolerating her only because she is Little Anu’s mother. Anuj intervenes and asks Barkha to have dignity and not add to their problems. Little Anu walks in and shows Anuj her school homework.

Toshu breaks down and apologizes to Kinjal for his infidelity and misbehavior towards her. Kinjal comforts him and says she never thought badly of him. Vanraj tries to leave the house to bring fruits for Toshu but feels weak and drowsy. Anuj enters and catches Vanraj in time, and the family scolds him to rest if he wants to take care of Toshu. Anuj apologizes to Leela for his misbehavior. Hasmukh says that Anuj’s apology is not enough for Leela’s atrocities. Leela asks Anuj and Anupama to go home as Little Anu must be missing them. Vanraj tells Anuj that he will repay his loan soon.

Anuj and Anupama paid the bills using Anupama’s savings. They went to visit Toshu and expressed their support and love. Anupama promised to return the next day and to be available if needed. Toshu called Anupama and apologized for hurting her. Anupama hugged Toshu after breaking down in tears. Anuj thanked Toshu’s mother for her support. Anupama and Anuj showed their love and care for Toshu. Toshu and Anupama had an emotional conversation.


Little Anu happily hugged Anupama when she returned home. Maaya felt jealous of Little Anu’s affection for Anupama. Kinjal noticed that Toshu had an accident. Rakhi planned to take Pari and Kinjal away from there. Anupama thanked Maaya for taking care of her house while she was gone. Maaya said she did it for her daughter. Barkha said she took good care of Anupama’s husband as well.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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