Anupama 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj misses Anupama

Anupama 18th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Anupama is at the Shahs’ house for her son Toshu, but not to make an Aadhaar card for this address. Anupama’s husband, Anuj, is the most important person to her in the world. Leela used to say that a husband’s house is a woman’s real house when Anupama wanted to visit her mother’s house. Anupama will continue to visit the Shahs’ house, but she won’t ignore her husband and daughter. It’s Leela’s problem if she can’t handle her own house. Vanraj and the Shahs understand Anupama’s situation and thank her for coming. Anupama will be at the Shahs’ house until Toshu is a bit better and then return to her husband.

Rakhi is grateful that Anupama is here and mentions that the Shahs were expecting Kinjal to sit beside Toshu all the time. Anupama says that no one is forcing Kinjal to sit with Toshu and that she herself sits with him. She also adds that the Shahs love Kinjal equally with their own children. Anupama emphasizes that it’s time to stop criticizing each other and to help one another. She believes that taking care of an ailing child is a family responsibility. Anupama shares her knowledge and heads to meet Toshu. Rakhi sarcastically remarks that the Shahs have suddenly reformed themselves with Anupama’s entry. Hasmukh thinks that Anuj may have permitted Anupama to come, but wouldn’t have liked it.

Anuj searches for Anupama’s note. Hasmukh calls Anuj and suggests that he should speak his mind out, consider him as his father, and not suffer from within. Hasmukh says that Anupama doesn’t want to come, but her responsibility brings her here, and even Anuj doesn’t want to send her, but his morality lets him permit Anupama. Anuj gets emotional and disconnects the call. Anupama sends an apology selfie to Anuj. Anupama cheers up Toshu by dancing with the family on an energetic song. Samar says that Toshu was feeling ill, and Anupama’s presence cheered him up. Toshu signals something.

Anuj sees Maaya feeding breakfast to Little Anu and Barkha senses her intentions. Anupama suggests changing the furniture’s position to bring positive energy and keep the family busy, and the whole family follows her lead. Hasmukh praises Anupama for her efforts. Toshu tries to touch Pari, and Anupama helps him make a baby carrier with a dupatta around his shoulder, and he carries Pari. The family dances around and cheers up Toshu.

Maaya prepares Little Anu’s school bag and Barkha confronts her about her intentions. Maaya boasts about trying her best to impress her daughter and garner respect like Anupama does. Anupama calls Anuj and asks about him and Little Anu, but he disconnects the call quickly. Anupama feels sad about Anuj disconnecting the call. The Shah family change furniture position and cheer up Toshu. Anupama makes a baby carrier for Toshu and encourages him to carry Pari. The family dances around and cheers up Toshu.


Little Anu, papa, and Maaya are playing king, queen, and princess’ game. Anupama tells Leela her role in this house is finished, and she will return to her house for her daughter and play her heroine role. Maaya prepares a cake for Little Anu. Anuj thanks Maaya for doing so much for Little Anu. Maaya considers Little Anu as their daughter and is happy to work for her.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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