Anupama 19th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Barkha doubts on Maya

Anupama 19th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Anupama prays for the well-being of both families, Anuj, Little Anu, and Toshu’s recovery. Kinjal questions societal expectations that restrict women to kitchen duties and thanks Anupama for understanding her. Anupama explains that society has a fixed template and disapproves of any deviation, citing examples of men being called “wife’s servant” and women being labeled “shameless” for working outside. Leela wants Anupama to be with Toshu at all times, but Anupama believes that a modern woman should balance work and family and live for themselves and their family. Anupama suggests hiring a male nurse to assist with Toshu’s care. Kinjal expresses gratitude to Anupama for reducing her guilt and understanding her situation.

Anuj returns home and Little Anu shows him a carasel made of cardboard. Anuj remembers playing with cardboard with GK. Little Anu suggests playing a kingdom game with Anuj as the king, herself as the princess, and Maaya as the queen. Anupama prepares halwa and jelly for them while Kavya makes hot chocolate for Little Anu. Kavya appears upset and tells Anupama that she’s decided to focus on her career because she feels unvalued and unappreciated by Leela and Vanraj. Kavya also shares that it’s been difficult for her to get new modeling assignments and that she lost an opportunity because of Vanraj. Anupama sympathizes with Kavya, noting that some people don’t value other’s efforts and that Kavya shouldn’t have to compromise any further after all she’s done for the family.

Dimple returns from the dance academy and offers Anupama’s prepared jelly and halwa to Little Anu and Anuj, who refuse to share it with Ankush and Dimple. Maaya brings food for Ankush and Dimple and looks jealous. Barkha taunts Maaya and joins Little Anu and Anuj. Anupama gathers the family in the garden and informs them that she has hired a male nurse for Toshu, as a professional can take better care of him. Leela says she will test him for a day before deciding. Anupama receives a video call from Little Anu and Anuj, and Leela asks her to finish their meeting first. Anupama walks aside and talks to Little Anu, who expresses how much she misses her. Maaya peeps from behind and fixes Anu’s hair, making Anuj feel uneasy. Anupama reminds him to pay Little Anu’s tuition fees, which he had forgotten, and Anuj says he will do it right away. Anupama then disconnects the call.

Anupama returns to Shahs’ house and presents a PPT on Vanraj’s routine for Toshu. Rakhi praises the professional quality of Anupama’s PPT and her newly learned skills. Anupama credits Anuj for teaching her the PPT skills. Anupama serves snacks and announces that she is leaving after completing her tasks, but Leela objects. Little Anu asks Anuj when Anupama will return home, and Maaya offers to prepare a cake for her. Anuj is surprised when Maaya says that Little Anu is their daughter and she is there for Anupama. Leela loudly objects to Anupama leaving the house.

Leela tries to prevent Anupama from leaving, but Anupama asserts her independence. Anupama says her family is her top priority and that she cannot stay at Shahs forever. Anupama encourages Leela to take on more responsibility and become a heroine in her own story. Kinjal offers to manage without Anupama’s help. Anupama leaves Shahs’ house.


Anupama arrives home in time for Little Anu’s cake cutting. Little Anu tells Anupama about a school picnic and asks her to come. Anuj warns Anupama not to break Little Anu’s heart. Leela asks Anupama to take Toshu to the doctor, but Anupama refuses to miss Little Anu’s picnic. Anuj arranges for Maaya to go with Little Anu instead.

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