Anupama 22nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Maya lays a trap

Anupama 22nd February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Kinjal feeds breakfast to Toshu. Vanraj tells Toshu that they need to visit a doctor after finishing breakfast. Leela informs Toshu that his mother Anupama won’t come as she is busy enjoying a picnic. Anupama arrives and offers Toshu dry fruit laddu, clarifies that Anuj didn’t take her on the picnic because he felt she would worry for Toshu. Anupama scolds Samar and Kinjal for not managing things properly despite her clear instructions and repeated calls. Leela argues with Anupama about her absence from the picnic and questions Anuj’s wife’s presence instead. Maaya accompanied Anuj to the picnic instead of Anupama.

Anuj misses Anupama during a picnic and recites a poem in his mind about how much he is missing her. Anuj enjoys seeing Little Anu happy and says that they are happy if she is happy. Anupama video calls Anuj and asks about Little Anu, Anuj shows her enjoying, and they get disconnected when Little Anu takes Anuj forcefully to participate in a game. Anupama prays to God and prepares to leave the picnic, but her family members insist on her staying. Vanraj thinks that Anupama’s presence makes the house lively.

Host announces a couple’s game and insists that Anuj and Maaya participate, but Anuj angrily refuses and says they are not a couple. Maaya tells Anuj that he should participate without bothering about people and Little Anu looks unhappy. The Shahs arrange a family jam session and enjoy the game. Leela takes credit for bringing Anupama to the house, but Hasmukh criticizes her for trying to steal other’s happiness. Dimple enters, and Anupama welcomes her, but Leela frowns. Kavya overhears Leela’s comments about Vanraj being happy with Anupama’s presence.

Anuj and Maaya participate in a couple’s game while Shahs also pick partners through chits. Vanraj and Anupama form teams and enjoy the game with Little Anu cheering for Anuj and Maaya. Anuj purposefully loses the game, leaving Maaya frowning. Anupama wins the game, and Leela comments that Vanraj and Anupama understand each other well. Shahs insist Anupama and Maaya to dance, with Little Anu also joining in. Kavya hears Leela’s comment about Vanraj and Anupama and leaves.


Anupama calls Anuj, but Maaya repeatedly disconnects her call. Maaya and Anuj walk hand in hand and get tensed upon seeing someone from Maaya’s past.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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