Anupama 24th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Maya dreams to build a family with Anuj

Anupama 24th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – The whole family was together after a long time. Anupama and Vanraj are no longer a couple and are now individuals. Anupama is visiting the Shah house for Hasmukh and the children. Anupama is upset that she couldn’t go on a picnic with Little Anu and Anuj. Anupama has three grown-up children in her house and a little daughter in the Shah house. Youngsters need a mother more, and a husband has rights on his wife, so the Shah house has more necessity and right on Anupama. Vanraj requests Anupama to stay longer.

Maaya recalls being called a couple with Anuj and staying at his house for a month. She asks a volunteer to watch Little Anu and asks Anuj to go on a walk with her, saying that she can’t let anything happen to her child’s father. Anuj sits silently while Maaya walks slowly, hoping he will join her. Anupama asks Vanraj if he wants to say something and he repeats that the family was happy. Anupama tells Vanraj that he has caused her pain and she will not forget it. Vanraj asks if Anupama is still angry with him. Maaya goes on a walk while Little Anu is with staff.

Anupama questions Vanraj why he keeps talking about their past when they’ve both moved on, but Vanraj feels like she hasn’t. Vanraj confesses to Anupama that he’s never truly happy with Kavya and only feels happy with her. Anuj joins Maaya on the walk and they share their love for poetry. Maaya notices a man repairing his car and warns Anuj not to help, but he walks towards the car anyways. “Chal Kain Doo Nikaljayen” song plays in the background. Maaya imagines holding hands with Anuj while Anuj imagines walking with Anupama. Maaya enjoys the rainy environment while Anuj loves all kinds of poetry, including Urdu poetry.

Vanraj regrets his past mistakes and hopes for Anupama’s return. Anupama warns Vanraj to stop and not repeat his past behavior. Anupama remembers the pain and insult she went through. Anupama advises Vanraj to fear God. Vanraj suggests Anupama look at the good he’s done in his life. Anupama clarifies she is not interested in Vanraj romantically. Anupama visits for the sake of her family, not Vanraj.

Vanraj asks Anupama to hear him out, but she refuses. Anupama questions why Kavya changed herself for Vanraj and why he’s now fed up with her. Anupama is happy with her good husband and daughter, and encourages Vanraj to be happy with his family. Anupama offers to help Vanraj as a human, but nothing more. Maaya panics when a man angrily shouts at her, recalling past pain. Anupama prioritizes her family’s happiness.


Little Anu is hungry and suggests stopping at a restaurant. Anuj needs to hurry home as Anupama is waiting for them. Anupama wants to tell Anuj what Vanraj said the previous night. Maaya asks Anuj not to tell Anupama what happened. Anupama asks what she won’t understand.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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