Anupama 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj protects Maya

Anupama 25th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Anupama is upset with Vanraj’s cryptic comments and lectures him on making mistakes according to his age. She reminds Vanraj that he is a grandfather and should act accordingly, such as forget mobile codes and get annoyed by new-age kids. Anupama advises Vanraj not to behave like a young brat and stop chanting his past repeatedly, or his present and future will fall into a ditch. She compares his behavior to driving while looking behind and ending up in a ditch. Anupama believes in leaving the past behind and has fixed a board at the door warning evil eyes to stay away. She asserts that there is no place for negativity in her life anymore and doesn’t want to get angry, but Vanraj forces her to admit that her “swag is back.” Anupama leaves the conversation upset, and Vanraj looks around to ensure no one overheard.

Anupama takes out her anger on a water bottle. Kavya walks to her room crying and calls Anirudh to meet up. Vanraj remembers Anupama’s words. Anupama gets anxious when Anuj doesn’t answer her call. An angry man approaches Anuj and Maaya, asking if she was spending nights with Anuj. Anuj warns the man to respect women, but the man holds Maaya’s hand. Anuj questions the man’s right to hold Maaya’s hand and presses it tightly, forcing him to let go. The song “Sultan” plays in the background.

Maaya urges Anuj to leave, warning that Sampath is dangerous. Anuj insists on confronting Sampath. Anuj punches Sampath after he insults Maaya. A fight between Anuj and Sampath ensues. Anuj reveals that Maaya is his daughter’s mother. Maaya pleads with Anuj to spare Sampath and promises on behalf of their daughter. Anuj spares Sampath but warns him to never misbehave with Maaya or any other woman again.

Anupama worries about Anuj’s safety and repeatedly calls him. Maaya emotionally hugs Anuj and thanks him for saving her life. Tu Rooh Hai To Mai Kaya Banu.. song plays in the background. Maaya kisses Anuj, but he pushes her away and asks her to control herself. Anuj suggests filing a police complaint against Sampath, but Maaya is doubtful of its effectiveness.

Maaya notices Anuj’s hand injury and ties her sari pallu forcefully on his hand, despite his protests. Anuj tries to end the issue and Maaya assures him that she has no bad intentions. Maaya requests Anuj not to reveal the incident to Anupama to avoid making her feel insecure. They return to Little Anu’s tent where Maaya asks Anuj to rest while she becomes tense about Anupama’s missed calls. Anuj searches for his mobile and finds it in Little Anu’s bag, causing Maaya more tension. Anuj, Maaya, and Little Anu are likely staying in a campsite or similar accommodation.


Little Anu expresses hunger while returning home, prompting Maaya to suggest stopping at a restaurant. Anuj, however, insists on heading home soon as Anupama is waiting for them. Anupama hopes for Anuj’s return to inform him about something Vanraj said the previous night. Upon arriving home, Maaya advises Anuj not to tell Anupama about the events of the previous night, citing her lack of understanding. Anupama questions what it is that she would not understand.

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