Anupama 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Maya and Anuj hide the truth

Anupama 26th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Anuj’s mobile is switched off and he tries to charge it in his tent. Maaya offers Anuj pain killers and suggests he sleep in her tent. Maaya remembers emotional moments with Anuj where she hugged and kissed him. Anupama is anxious about Anuj’s whereabouts and unable to contact him. Leela asks Anupama for bhog for pooja, but Hasmukh offers it and says Anupama has gone home. Leela is angry that Anupama left without informing her and cooking breakfast for them. Hasmukh warns Leela not to think of Anupama in a negative way, and says he doesn’t want her to return to their home.

Anuj, Little Anu, and Maaya head home in Anuj’s car the next morning. Maaya feels happy and shy as she remembers the events of the previous night. A song plays in the background as Maaya thanks Anuj for the night before, and Anuj acknowledges Little Anu’s happiness. Maaya emphasizes the importance of blood relationships and holds Anuj’s hand. Little Anu shows Maaya a selfie they took together, and they all express happiness with the photo. Anuj is concerned about Anupama’s feelings as he hasn’t been able to call her all day. Anuj recalls Maaya’s request that he not tell Anupama about what happened between them the night before.

Anupama visits the temple but still feels anxious, but returns home and feels better. Anuj messaged Anupama that they are on their way home and couldn’t contact her earlier due to a network issue. Anupama calls Anuj, and they express missing each other, while Little Anu shares her happiness about returning home. Maaya feels jealous as Anuj talks to Anupama and Little Anu, and she describes how much Little Anu enjoyed the picnic. Anupama plans to welcome Anuj in a special way, while Maaya suggests stopping at a restaurant to delay reaching home and spend more time with Anuj. Anuj plans to pick up takeaway food, while Little Anu agrees, leaving Maaya even more jealous.

Anuj couldn’t contact Anupama due to network issue but messaged her that they are on the way home. Anuj, Little Anu and Maaya were on their way home but Maaya suggested stopping at a restaurant to delay reaching home. Anupama felt anxious at the temple but felt relaxed upon returning home and called Anuj. Kavya walked into Vanraj’s room, took her laptop, and said he has lost his right on her. Anupama decorated Little Anu’s room and eagerly waited for their arrival.


Kavya invited Anirudh to her in-law’s house. Vanraj became angry and raised his voice, questioning why she would invite her ex-husband to their home and act so casually with him. Kavya retorted by asking why Vanraj had brought his ex-wife Anupama home, and why she couldn’t do the same. Meanwhile, Maaya requested Anuj not to tell Anupama about what happened between them the previous night, stating that Anupama would not understand it. Anupama overheard the conversation and asked what she would not be able to understand.

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