Anupama 7th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Maya pleads to Anupama

Anupama 7th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Maaya recalls bitter words from Anupama and Barkha and cries. Anupama tells Maaya that a mother’s heart melts for her children but a wife can be stone-hearted. Anupama permits Maaya to stay at Kapadia Mansion for a day. Maaya thanks Anupama and promises not to interfere between her and Anuj. Anupama notices Anuj sound asleep at midnight and wishes herself a happy birthday. Maaya says tomorrow will be a memorable event for Anupama.

Anuj wakes up feeling suffocated and asks Anupama to take him to the terrace. Anupama gets scared and asks what’s happening to him. Anuj reveals he had planned a surprise for her and recites a shayari for her birthday. Anupama laughs and tells Anuj he’s not the only actor at Kapadia Mansion. Vanraj wishes her a happy birthday and Kavya taunts her. Anuj tells Anupama that they shouldn’t wait for happiness to come, expresses his love for her and acknowledges her feelings for Little Anu

Maaya checks Anuj and Anupama’s room but they are not there. Maaya thinks Anupama must have gone out and decides to give her a special gift. Anuj believes that a special girl’s birthday should be celebrated in a special way. Anuj shows Anupama a star he named after her and recites a poem for her. Anupama suggests that Anuj should buy more stars for Little Anu as a future investment. Anuj gives Anupama a gift box, which she opens nervously. Anupama walks away shyly after receiving the gift.

Maaya finds Little Anu sleeping while holding a drawing for her mother’s birthday. Maaya decides to start preparing for the birthday. Anupama returns wearing a beautiful white dress. Anuj is mesmerized by Anupama’s beauty and recites a shayari. Anuj sings the song “Aisi Ulchi Nazar Unse Hat Ti Nahi..Dil To Baccha Hai Ji.” Anuj and Anupama dance romantically, cut cake, and spend quality time together.


Maaya feels anxious when Anuj and Anupama celebrate her birthday at an orphanage and go on a picnic to the beach. Maaya informs them that she cannot take an evening flight and will leave in the morning. Anupama asks if Maaya will go alone or with Little Anu.

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