Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Josh Falls For Prachi At First Sight

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Angad visits Raghav in jail and asks why he took the blame for something. Raghav lies and Angad tells him not to lie. Mama says Lakhan will be embarrassed. Adi says Raghav is a sincere guy. Lakhan calls Neetu and counts his favors with her. Neetu says the policemen are torturing Raghav. Raghav is worried about Pihu getting stuck in the accident case. Angad says he will call Pihu and scold her. Raghav’s brother asks if Angad knows Raghav likes Prachi. Raghav says he’s happy and that Prachi will be with Pihu. Raghav did what he did because of his feelings for Prachi.

Adi believes that a person named Raghav is loyal and should not be sent to jail. Mama fears that sending Raghav to jail would bring shame to their family. Brinda considers Raghav to be a part of their family. Lakhan, however, does not feel the same as Brinda and thinks Raghav would not have been saved even if he was family. Mahir was beaten by someone named Pihu in a party and Monica is worried. Raghav explains that Pihu was drunk at the time. Angad is going to check on Pihu. Raghav considers it their duty to do so. Raghav’s brother thinks that Raghav and Angad are lying to him. Adi makes a joke about Mahir. Monica asks Mahir to come with her. Mahir explains that Pihu had asked for his help, but Raghav arrived instead. Brinda questions why Mahir went to the party, and Mahir explains that he thought Pihu would be driving. Adi credits Raghav for saving Pihu and preserving their family’s respect. Mama advises not to get involved in the situation. Lakhan is concerned with getting Raghav’s bail. Monica accuses Lakhan of only caring about servants. Vikrant informs that the inspector has called and the driver of another car is coming to identify the driver. Raghav is worried that the driver will identify Pihu and tells Angad to go home quickly.

Raghav thinks Prachi shouldn’t know about Pihu being involved in the accident. Prachi goes to talk to the guy involved in the accident (Josh). Pihu apologizes to Josh and tries to convince him not to file a case against Raghav. Raghav tells Prachi to go home and not talk to Josh. Prachi sees Josh leaving and thanks him. Josh flirts with Prachi, but she is not interested in his charm or money. Sara says Pihu is lonely, not strong. Pihu wakes up and asks about Prachi and Raghav. Brinda tells Pihu that Raghav is in jail for the accident. Pihu realizes she was the one driving. Josh comes home and Sid asks about the accident. Josh says he forgave the person involved and says the girl (Prachi) was cute. Sid scolds Josh for being distracted by girls instead of focusing on business.

Adi, Mama, Brinda, Lakhan, Mahir, Monica, Angad, Raghav’s brother, and Vikrant are all characters mentioned in the text. Raghav has been accused of hitting Sid’s car. There is tension and arguments between Sid and Lakhan at the police station. Raghav and Pihu have been involved in the accident. Pihu wants to confess her mistake, but Raghav tries to stop her. Inspector is trying to get CCTV footage for the accident. Josh intervenes and helps to resolve the situation. Josh reveals himself to be Sid’s son and flirts with Prachi, but Raghav gets in between.


Pihu is trying to protect Raghav from being fired. Pihu believes that Raghav is not at fault. The other person involved in the accident chose not to file a case against Raghav. Pihu is trying to convince Lakhan not to make a mistake by firing Raghav. Pihu is arguing with Lakhan.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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