Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update:

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Angoori is watering plants in the garden and singing a song about love. Vibhu walks up to Angoori and flirts with her, talking about love. Angoori says she loves her husband a lot. Vibhu makes fun of her husband, which makes Angoori angry. Angoori says she won’t listen to anything negative about her husband. Vibhu apologizes to Angoori and asks with whom she is celebrating Valentine’s Day. Angoori says she will celebrate with her husband and walks away.

Saxena stands behind Vibhu and accuses him of irritating Angoori because he is a bad person. Vibhu dismisses Saxena’s accusation as nonsense. Saxena says he is unable to decide with whom to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Vibhu suggests Saxena choose from the many mad people available. Saxena asks if Vibhu has any mad relatives. Vibhu slaps Saxena and walks away.

Anu and Tiwari are in the market, and they stop for coconut water. Anu expresses her desire to be a lawyer. Tiwari compliments Anu’s abilities and a flower pot falls on his head. The beggar sitting next to them warns them of a potential bomb falling on their heads. Tiwari becomes superstitious due to Pandit Ramphal and his mother’s threats. A coconut falls on Tiwari’s head and he becomes scared. Anu suggests they go home and pray, but a bike runs into Tiwari before they can leave.

Ammaji is in the kitchen with Angoori and eating food. Angoori gives her parathas, but Ammaji is concerned about her cholesterol. Tiwari enters the kitchen and mentions that his business is not working properly, leading him to feel stressed. Ammaji reveals that Pandit Ramphal told her that Tiwari is having a bad time and will have problems with Angoori.

Ammaji and Angoori are in the kitchen, with Ammaji eating food and Angoori giving her parathas. Tiwari walks in and mentions that his business is not working well and that he feels stressed. Ammaji mentions that Pandit Ramphal told her that Tiwari is having a bad time, with incidents such as coconuts and pots hitting him. Ammaji also tells Angoori that Pandit Ramphal told her that Tiwari’s business could shut down for a year and that he could get into a fight with Angoori, leading to her leaving him. To remedy this situation, Ammaji tells Angoori that she should celebrate Valentine’s Day with a stranger man.

Anu and Vibhu are in the bedroom. Anu asks Vibhu about his plan for Valentine’s Day celebration. Vibhu initially suggests celebrating in a farm. Anu gets angry and stares at Vibhu, who becomes scared and asks for the reason. Vibhu finally agrees to follow Anu’s plan. Anu mentions her friend Meenal and her husband winning a contest and going to Thailand for Valentine’s Day celebration. Vibhu expresses admiration for Anu’s friend’s intelligence.

Tiwari is looking out of the window. Angoori asks him who she can trust. Angoori suggests Prem, but Tiwari says it’s a bad option. Angoori suggests Masterji, but Tiwari says he’s already married. Angoori suggests Pelu, but Tiwari says he doesn’t have a good personality. Angoori suggests Vibhuti, and Tiwari agrees that he is the right candidate. Tiwari says that Vibhuti is a good person and won’t trouble women.

Tillu, Teeka and Rusa are together outside Rusa’s house. Teeka asks about the Commissioner being inside the house. Rusa explains that Dee and Jiju went to a party and she had to open the door with a hairpin. Teeka and Tillu ask about Rusa’s plans for Valentine’s Day. Tillu and Teeka suggest celebrating together. Rusa asks which 5-star hotel they will be going to. Tillu says they will be going to Kallu Ka Dhaba. Rusa says she will only go to a 5-star hotel.

Tiwari is standing on his balcony and calls Vibhu. Vibhu doesn’t answer, so Tiwari throws a stone to wake him up. Vibhu wakes up and starts shouting. Anu turns on the lights and asks what’s going on. Vibhu says someone is throwing stones. Vibhu goes to his balcony and sees Tiwari throwing stones. Tiwari says he was trying to wake Vibhu up. Anu says this is not the right way to call someone. Tiwari says he tried calling but Vibhu didn’t answer. Tiwari says he wants to invite them to a party. Anu says Tiwari could have told them in the morning. Tiwari is excited for the party and asks them to come.

Rusa set a high financial standard for her friendship with Teeka and Tillu.. Teeka and Tillu have 500 and 501 rupees respectively in their bank accounts.. Rusa told them if they want to remain friends with her, they need to have a minimum of 10 lakhs in their accounts.. Teeka and Tillu were crying after Rusa’s statement.. Rusa felt sorry for what she said but stated that sometimes people only understand things when they are disrespected.

Tiwari, Anu, and Vibhuti are together having breakfast on Tiwari’s balcony. Tiwari is feeling down after almost dying three times yesterday and thinks that Anu is the only one who can help him. Pandit Ramphal suggests celebrating Valentine’s Day together as a solution to Tiwari’s bad luck. Vibhuti is okay with the idea and starts imagining spending Valentine’s Day with Angoori. Anu is skeptical of the remedy and thinks it’s not possible. Angoori walks in and confirms the serious nature of Tiwari’s bad luck according to Pandit Ramphal. Anu apologizes for her skepticism and says she always looks forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with Vibhuti.

Tillu and Teeka are drinking tea and discussing how to obtain 20 lakhs. David greets them and they ask him if he can arrange the money. Teeka becomes emotional, saying they need the money for love. Master walks in and offers them a job fetching milk from a buffalo he recently purchased. Tillu and Teeka agree to take the job and ask about pay, which Master states will be 5000 rs.

Angoori wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Vibhuti. Vibhuti is hesitant because of the potential consequences. Vibhuti was daydreaming about Angoori and ended up kissing Saxena’s hand. Saxena warns Vibhuti not to cheat on Anu. Angoori is flirtatious with Vibhuti.

Anu is on the phone and is worried about someone. The person she’s speaking with mentions that kids these days prioritize love over their parents. Anu expresses concern that the person may turn to harmful behaviors if rejected. She is more concerned about a doctor’s report. Anu and David argue about money. Anu mocks Vibhuti when he arrives.


Anu tells David not to talk to her. David offers Anu 50,000 INR to send Vibhu to celebrate Valentine’s day with Angoori. Anu scolds David and asks Vibhu to ask for 1 lakh INR if he goes to Tiwari. Vibhu and Tiwari are sitting together. Vibhu agrees to take 1 lakh INR. Tiwari agrees to pay 50,000 INR. Vibhu asks Tiwari to stay with Anu as he will be busy with Angoori.

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