Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – David thinks money is everything.. Vibhu believes love is more important than money.. Vibhu receives an offer to spend Valentine’s Day with Bhabhiji.. Anu is annoyed with Vibhu’s offer and doesn’t want to talk to David.. David suggests sending Vibhu to Tiwari’s to demand money.. Vibhu and David are pleased with the plan.. Vibhu tells David to talk to Anu about the plan.

Tiwari offers to pay Vibhu 500-1000. Vibhu initially declines, saying he won’t work for free. Tiwari tries to convince Vibhu to work with him, saying he likes Vibhu’s “drama.” Vibhu eventually agrees to work with Tiwari for 50k. Angoori brings them fritters. Vibhu suggests he will give “Bhabhiji” a good time. Tiwari finalizes the deal with Vibhu.

Three smugglers, JK, MK, and LK plan to smuggle precious diamonds worth 10Cr on Valentine’s Day. Happu and Manohar get promoted if they solve the case. Tilu and Teeka give a rose to Rhusa, but she leaves with another guy. Tilu and Teeka get disheartened and cry. Saxena proposes to be their girlfriend on Valentine’s Day to keep them company. Tilu and Teeka agree as something is better than nothing. The smuggling case is worth 10Cr.

Vibhu gives Anu a necklace as a gift. Vibhu and Anu recall a moment in Mussoorie where they rode a cable car. Vibhu had paid the cable car operator to keep the car hanging for longer. Vibhu suggests an idea to kill Anu’s boredom and plans to discuss it with Tiwari. Tiwari gifts Angoori a saree and asks her to get him tea. Vibhu asks Tiwari to give Anu company and Tiwari agrees.

Tiwari imagines his date with Anu and wears a T-shirt with her photo on it. Angoori asks Tiwari what’s wrong and gives him a cup of tea. JK instructs MK to use a code ‘bahon m bahar h, Hume tumse pyaar h’ to identify the dealer for handing over the diamonds. The dealer should reply ‘Mathi k sath Aam ka Achar h’. Saxena dresses up as a girl for Valentine’s Day.


Tiwari, Anu, Vibhu, and Angoori celebrate Valentine’s Day at a restaurant. MK hands diamonds to Tiwari. David reveals that each diamond is worth 1 Cr.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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