Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Upcoming Twists

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Champa and Gulabo are in Vibhu’s bedroom admiring Anita’s photo. Vibhu is concerned about his wife finding out and suggests they move downstairs. Gulabo proposes blackmailing David for money. Vibhu rejects the idea and suggests talking to Prem instead. David is watching them from a distance. The conversation ends with Vibhu’s suggestion to talk to Prem about the situation.

Vibhu calls Prem for help with money. Prem assumes it’s a request for money and pretends to be a woman on the phone. Gulabo asks David to dance, causing him to become angry and confront Vibhu. Vibhu reveals the situation to David and pleads for help. David agrees to try and help. Vibhu asks Gulabo and Champa to leave.

Angoori tells Bhuri she has good news but is interrupted by Tiwari. Angoori reveals that she has a new friend she met in Anita’s kitchen. Tiwari is skeptical and asks for more information. Angoori insists she is happy to have a friend and leaves to get water.

Tiwari informs Anu that Angoori saw a woman in their house and asks her to return quickly. Anu returns home and scolds Tiwari for interfering in Vibhuti’s life.

Vibhu hides Gulabo and Champa from Anu. Anu notices a perfume smell and goes to freshen up. Tiwari goes to another room.

Angoori learns about Vibhu’s relatives, including a runaway actress, while Anu apologizes to Vibhu’s aunt.

Vibhu pays off two men to get rid of Champa and Gulabo, but later regrets it and seeks help from Angoori.

Vibhu and Angoori argue over Champa’s presence while Saxena falls for her after a chance encounter.


Tiwari gets into a heated exchange with Anu and Gulabo over their behavior towards each other.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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