Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Vibhu is happy that Saxena loves Champa and wants to marry her, and they don’t mind if he takes dowry or not, but they will take it. Vibhu claims that taking dowry is a family ritual and asks Saxena for 2 lakh rupees if he wants to marry Champa. Saxena is surprised and questions Vibhu about taking dowry and accuses him of trying to sell his sister. Vibhu insists that if Saxena wants to marry Champa, he will have to pay the dowry.

Anu is cooking in the kitchen and coughing, but Gulabo accuses her of coughing at the food that will make them all sick. Gulabo demands that Anu stop cooking vegetables and make chicken for her, but Anu explains that they are pure vegetarians according to their family rituals. Gulabo hits Anu and forces her to cook chicken despite her objections. Tiwari watches the scene from the balcony and rushes to Anu’s aid. Anu yells at Tiwari for calling her relatives cheap and insults him by saying his business is also cheap. Tiwari walks away sadly, and Anu regrets hurting him.

Tillu and Teeka are walking with crutches towards the kitchen window. David sees them approaching Anu and hits them on the head from behind.

Manohar is on a call, giving kisses to someone, when Saxena mocks him for his actions. Saxena reveals that he’s there to file a case against Vibhu for dowry, but Manohar laughs it off, saying that it’s not possible. Happu walks in and scolds Manohar for his behavior, then asks Saxena about the situation. Saxena explains the situation to Happu, who suggests making a plan to trap Vibhu and teach him a lesson. Manohar asks to participate in the plan.

David, Gupta, and Master are all dressed up when Gulabo and Champa walk in. Gupta comments to David that his relatives are dressed up nicely. Anu comes in and serves them a cold drink, but Gulabo and Champa scold her and demand alcohol instead. Anu leaves and comes back with a mixed drink, which Gulabo drinks and then scolds Anu again for it being bad.

Meanwhile, Saxena arrives at Anita’s house with disguised Manohar and Happu. Happu, disguised as an old man, comments on the lack of patience in young people nowadays. Manohar, disguised as a man, agrees and they sit down.

David asks Vibhu to introduce them to everyone, and Vibhuti asks Saxena to introduce his disguised companions. Saxena apologizes and introduces the old man as his Uncle Chokhe Lal Saxena and the other one as his brother Dhoke Lal Saxena.

Angoori walks in dressed like Champa and starts dancing with Champa, Gulabo, and Saxena. Vibhu comments on how Champa has ruined Angoori, and Angoori tells Vibhu to leave her alone and let her dance. Vibhu reminds her to stay away from Champa, but Angoori tells him to leave and continues dancing.

A group of men are gathered together, with Manohar shooting a video on his phone. They comment on Vibhu’s sister’s dancing, discuss dowry, and argue about whether Vibhu should continue to press for money. Anu, Vibhu’s wife, arrives and is mistaken for a maid by Happu. Manohar tells Happu to focus on his work, and Gulabo turns off the music.

Tiwari sees Agrawal standing outside his house and asks why he’s there. Agrawal explains that he’s there to discuss some orders, but Tiwari invites him to a function and to discuss their deal over drinks.

Agrawal and Tiwari arrive at a gathering and Agrawal recognizes Gulabo and Champa, claiming they have looted many rich people. Anu gets angry and confronts her in-laws. Happu Singh arrives and Manohar is asked to arrest Gulabo and Champa. Gulabo threatens to ruin Vibhuti’s reputation and Angoori ends her friendship with Champa. Anu blames David and Vibhuti’s relatives for the situation.

Tilu and Teeka arrive with Rhusa, injured. They reveal that Gulabo and Champa are bar dancers. Saxena calls Champa his sister. Prem apologizes, claiming his wife had trapped him. Vibhu accuses Prem of being the mastermind behind everything.


Anu asks Vibhu to be romantic, but he declines. Tiwari asks Angoori to be romantic, but she’s tired. Tiwari and Anu discuss this with David, who suggests they try Saxena’s uncle’s churan. After trying it, Vibhu and Angoori become energetic.

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