Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Big Twists

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Saxena applies sweet syrup on his body and calls honeybees for dinner. Anu is unable to find Vibhu when needed. Tiwari is watching a movie and waiting for Angoori. David, Tillu, and Teeka get drunk and end up in a fight with a man who accuses them of hitting his kid. Gupta and Masterji intervene and bring Tillu back to David.

Angoori and Vibhuti discuss cleaning utensils with soap, with Angoori preferring a desi formula and Vibhuti suggesting a new brand. They also talk about Angoori’s broken cooker and Vibhuti offers to help her shop to avoid being fooled by the shopkeeper. Anu calls Vibhu during their conversation.

Anu reads a magazine on how to control and be romantic with men while Vibhuti lies down in their bedroom. Anu tries to initiate romance, but Vibhuti is uninterested and mentions being bored with it. An argument ensues between the two, with Vibhuti eventually going to sleep.

Tiwari tries to initiate romance with Angoori in their bedroom. Angoori mentions feeling tired from working all day and is uninterested in being romantic. Angoori falls asleep and begins snoring. Angoori expresses feeling bored and tired from her daily routine.

Tiwari and Anu are sitting together in the park, reminiscing about Tiwari’s college days. Anu asks Tiwari what he thinks of her, and he excitedly praises her before they go get some juice. Meanwhile, Tillu and Teeka are sitting near a tea stall when David approaches them and accuses them of hitting Yaadram’s son while drunk. Gupta and Master also join in the conversation.

Saxena is in the market with his Mamaji. Mamaji comments on how much Kanpur has changed in the past 30 years. Saxena reveals that Mamaji has been meditating in the Himalayas and has discovered a new method of treating people with music therapy, which took a long time. Saxena then invites Tillu and Teeka to join them for tea, asking them to move to a new spot. David approaches them and informs them that Tillu and Teeka had drunkenly assaulted Yaadram’s son the previous night for no reason. Master and Gupta join them, and Gupta questions why David is angry with Tillu and Teeka.

Saxena introduces his Mamaji to everyone, who explains that he can use music to treat people. He asks Teeka to sing Sargam, but his notes are off. Tillu offers to sing, but Teeka slaps him. Mamaji then sings and urges them to stop drinking. David and Masterji are impressed, but Tillu insists that they are successful because they don’t drink.


Tiwari remarks that it’s easy to entertain our brain as it’s like a kid. Anu disagrees and says that she will try to boost Vibhuti’s confidence. Vibhuti questions Anu about why she is staring at a candle. Anu replies that she thinks he’s losing interest in romance. Meanwhile, Tiwari tells Angoori that living with romance is challenging. Angoori disagrees and says that romance is boring.

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