Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update: New Twists

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – David received a call informing him that Sharmaji’s body had lost all its water. Anu approaches him and asks him about the hospitalization. David replies that Sharmaji’s wife informed him that they had seen Vibhu mixing something into his food. Anu expresses her frustration with Vibhu’s behavior, which has caused many complaints. Vibhu enters, and Daddy’s soul leaves his body. He sits beside Anu and David. Anu requests David to check whether it is Vibhu or his father’s soul. David recites a poem, and Vibhu responds, leading David to whisper to Anu that it is her husband. Vibhu denies Anu’s accusations, shocked, and tells her he did nothing wrong. Everyone witnesses Vikriti Narayan’s arrival, leaving them in shock. Vikriti speaks up, asking why they are scolding Vibhu, as he is responsible, and she asks David to call a dancer for entertainment. Anu expresses her disappointment, while Vibhu scolds Dadaji and David and walks away.

Angoori is in the kitchen when Vibhu greets her, and she requests him to leave as he is a bad person. Vibhu apologizes and bows to touch her feet. Angoori expresses her pain, which Vikriti hears and enters Vibhu’s body. Vibhu tells Angoori that pinching is necessary to relieve the pain and pinches her. She starts crying, and Vibhu flirts with her and walks away.

Tiwari, Master, Prem, Guptaji, and Tillu are shouting in the police station. The Commissioner asks Tillu to explain his story and asks his girlfriend’s name. Tillu reveals her name as Rupa, and the Commissioner asks him to stay away as he smells like rotten tomatoes. Tillu accuses Vibhu of rubbing rotten tomatoes on his face. The Commissioner looks at Tiwari and asks him who painted his face, and he says it was Vibhu. Masterji accuses Vibhu of ripping his clothes, while Gupta accuses him of plucking his hair out. Tiwari recites a poem and demands that Vibhu be arrested immediately. The Commissioner agrees to investigate before punishing the accused and suggests holding a public court in their colony after the holiday.

Anu, Vibhu, David, and Vikriti are together, and David informs Vikriti that Vibhu will go to jail if he fails to prove his innocence. Vibhu begs Dadu to come to court the next day and tell the truth. Vikriti assures Vibhu that he will shout and admit to everything, clearing Vibhu’s name.

The next day, everyone gathers outside Tiwari’s house for the public court, where the Commissioner acts as the judge. Saxena serves as the opposition lawyer and accuses Vibhu of murder and harassment. Anu objects and requests evidence. Saxena calls Tiwari to take an oath and tell the truth.

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