Bhagya Lakshmi 19th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayush and Shalu execute their plan

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Leela informs Rishi that she has shortlisted 10 guys to meet his demands in hopes that he will like one of them. Rishi asks to see 2-3 options, but Leela says she has 10 candidates for him to choose from. Ayush comments on Rishi’s long list, and Leela clarifies that it’s her job to find suitable candidates. Karishma suggests that Rishi might like Harry and asks him to choose from the photos she shows him. Malishka suggests calling Lakshmi to ask for her choice, but Ayush disagrees and thinks Rishi should search for the guy himself. Karishma, Sonia, and Malishka express hope that Rishi will like Harry. The group tries to help Rishi find a suitable partner.

Neelam tells Abhay that the marriage will happen, but he questions her credibility, citing Rishi’s unwillingness to follow her advice when it comes to Lakshmi. Kiran shares her concerns about Malishka’s mental health, revealing that she has seen Malishka crying and expressing anger, even attempting suicide. Abhay asks Neelam to be clear about whether the marriage will happen or not, as he does not want to hold onto false hope and suffer daily. He pleads with Neelam to refuse the marriage if it cannot happen, as it is better to suffer once than to suffer constantly. Abhay expresses his concerns as Malishka’s father and asks Neelam to think about the impact on Malishka’s well-being.

Shalu asks Ayush why he winked at her twice, and he confirms it. She asks him what he wants, and he suggests that they help Rishi, but Shalu has other ideas. Ayush winks at Shalu again, and she tells him off. Ayush flirts with Shalu, saying she looks hot, but she hits him. Ayush wants to help Rishi unite with Lakshmi.

Lakshmi drinks water and coughs, and Rishi comforts her by caressing her back, which makes her emotional. Lakshmi imagines Rishi saying he can’t bear anything happening to her. Malishka interrupts and tells Lakshmi to forget about Rishi, choose a guy, and leave. Malishka accuses Lakshmi of trying to take Rishi away and asks her to make amends by helping her find a good guy to marry. Malishka urges Lakshmi to marry someone else so that everyone can be happy.

Rishi is having a hard time choosing a suitable guy for Lakshmi. Rishi finds flaws in every candidate. Ayush and Shalu try to help Rishi. They end up confusing him even more. Rishi likes one guy’s photo, but Ayush warns him about the guy’s attitude. Rishi gets angry and grabs Ayush’s neck, but Ayush clarifies that he was talking about the guy’s hidden intentions. They keep going through more photos, but keep cancelling them one by one. Shalu likes one guy’s photo, but Ayush jokingly suggests that she should marry him instead.

Abhay suggests Rishi to marry Malishka instead of Lakshmi. Rishi is confused and seeks Malishka’s help. Ayush and Shalu advise Rishi against taking Malishka’s help. Malishka picks Harry’s photo and suggests him as a suitable candidate. Rishi likes Malishka’s choice and decides to marry her. Lakshmi’s marriage is finalized.

Abhay warns Neelam about the consequences of harm to Malishka. He gives her until the evening to make a decision. He asks Neelam to ask Rishi and give a definite answer. Abhay questions the value of Neelam’s word.

Malishka suggests getting married soon. Rishi is hesitant and wants to consider other options. Venky and Pinky will bring their options too. Rishi doesn’t want to risk Lakshmi’s life by marrying her to the wrong guy. Rishi plans to test the guy before getting Lakshmi married. Malishka expresses concern about waiting too long. Rishi promises to find a nice guy for Lakshmi.


Neelam gives Rishi one month to get Lakshmi married. After that, she plans to marry Rishi to Malishka. Neelam plans to throw a party for Rishi and Malishka. Lakshmi swears to keep Rishi from leaving the house.

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