Bigg Boss 16 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update, Finale, Winner

Bigg Boss 16 12th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Finale: Salman welcomed everyone and announced the names of the finalists. Bharti and Krushna come to the house to start the finale and fight about who will host it. Salman comes in with the band Baja and Krushna and Bharti dance. Bharti does a love scene with someone, Salman says she has to audition for his movies. Krushna wakes up the contestants and welcomes them and they all dance. 🕺Bharti teases Krushna about living in BB’s house. The contestants discuss the events in the house and Archana says Nimrit took support from Gautam and Shalin.

Old contestants come in and meet each other. Krushna announces a rap battle between mandali and non-mandali. Shiv, Stan, and Nimrit perform for the mandali team. Priyanka, Shalin, and Archana perform for the non-mandali team. Sumbul, Archana, and Nimrit perform and take jabs at each other. Krushna sings about people playing real and fake in the show.

Salman, Bharti and Krushna are hosting the finale of a reality show. Bharti and Krushna fight over who will host the finale. Salman announces the names of the finalists and joins the band Baja. Krushna and Bharti dance, and Bharti sends Krushna out. Salman invites Bharti to audition for his movie, and she performs a love scene. Salman hosts the finale, while Krushna wakes up the contestants and greets them. Bharti and Krushna participate in a rap battle between the mandali and non-mandali contestants. They play musical chairs, and Archana wins in the end.

Abdu is a favorite among girls, who dance with him. Sajid says Shiv has worked very hard and bows to the BB sign every night. Bharti claims to have given direction in a show and to have hired everyone and played them. Krushna says he would have made the girls stars if they had respected him. Bharti is referred to as the guru. Sajid is mentioned as the leader but took the exit. Ankit says there’s no smoke without fire.

Krushna becomes Soundarya and says she thinks he likes her. Priyanka and Ankit are together and he has become caring. Bharti mentions a fight between Tina and Shalin. Bharti and Ankit plan to be boyfriend and girlfriend and keep fighting and patching up. Krushna says his heart doesn’t speak.

A game of “mandali vs non-mandali” is played with questions answered in 5 seconds. Nimrit and Shalin are the first pair to play. Bharti asks Shalin to describe Nimrit’s weaknesses and Shalin says “never played alone” and “fake appreciation”. Priyanka is asked what Nimrit should learn from her and she says “speaking up, making friends, and standing up.” Shiv is described in three words by Priyanka as “clever, selfish, and ill-mannered.” Priyanka is scared of Nimrit.

Stan’s personality traits can be compared to ginger, reddish, and spinach. Archana’s one-word description is “shemri.” Three things Stan should work on after leaving the house are learning to speak, listen, and process. Bharti describes three of Archana’s worst cooking experiences.

Krushna and Bharti are two individuals who are entertaining. They have a relationship like Shalin and Tina. Bharti keeps saying “Shah” and Krushna is getting overwhelmed with her and other people. Krushna is frustrated and decides to walk out. Sumbul is the only person who understands Krushna.

Bharti acts like Sumbul by crying and dancing. She says she is crying for show and to appear caring to her fans. Krushna says Tina is better and Bharti becomes Soundarya. Krushna and Bharti have a conversation about glamour, protein, and love, tragedy, and romance. Krushna goes to fight with Stan and they both end up abusing each other.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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