Chashni 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update: New Twists

Chashni 12th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Chandni finds her Nani angry with her and her Dadi and Roshni try to comfort her. Nani scolds Chandni for working in an unlucky department, but Roshni congratulates her and explains that she is the first woman officer in the department and is doing it to clear their family’s name. Chandni says that she will not be able to do her job well if Nani stays upset, and Nani hugs her and gives her blessings.

Meanwhile, Tarun receives a call from Raj about Chandni’s job and informs him that it’s her first day. Raj suggests they make it special for her, and Tarun agrees. Dadi then wards off Chandni’s bad luck, while Raj looks on. Nani checks the bank account, and when Nani sees Nirali’s call on Roshni’s phone, she takes the call and says she has hidden something significant from her granddaughters and can’t help them anymore, which worries Dadi.

Chandni meets Tarun, who shows her the parking lot for new employees, and she recalls Sanjay and calls him brave, saying she wants to become like him. Some goons throw mud at her, and Raj comes and insults her, reminding her that she is the daughter of a murderer and asking her to leave. Chandni gets angry, picks up her bag, and pushes Raj away before entering the gate. The officers laugh at her, but she doesn’t care and proceeds to work.

Raunaq, who had been stalking her, comes to her workplace and tries to talk to her. He asks for her help in checking the fire compliance of a property, and she obliges. However, they both get locked inside, and Tarun finds them. Raunaq leaves after teasing her, and Chandni goes to have lunch, but Tarun and his staff refuse to let her sit with them. She ends up having lunch with Manav, and Tarun reveals that she’s there because of his recommendation.

When Chandni goes to the washroom, she finds the men inside and gets embarrassed. Tarun comes and jokes with her, saying that she can use the men’s toilet if she can’t find the ladies’ washroom.

In the precap, Tarun threatens to make Chandni cry, and Sanjay runs to the fire station.

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