Dheere Dheere Se 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Police to interrogate Bhanu about Raghav’s attack

Dheere Dheere Se 11th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Swati found the lehenga and informed Bhanu and his family. The lehenga was delivered to Swati’s house by an auto driver. Bhanu thinks Swati is unaware of Raghav’s situation. Malini snatches the lehenga from Swati and gives it to Meera. Bhawna says she tore her pallu while searching for the auto. Bhanu says he would have burned the lehenga if it wasn’t related to the Bahu. Nirmala compliments Meera and says they will leave. Malini asks Bhawna why she ruins things and questions her torn pallu. Bhanu says a torn pallu is a matter of a woman’s respect.

Raghav regains consciousness and sees his family. Brij Mohan thanks the person who brought Raghav to the hospital. Gaurav asks Raghav if he knows who planned the attack, but Raghav shakes his head. The doctor asks the family to go home. Swati stays behind to talk to Raghav and ease his pain.

Bhawna prays for Abhishek’s marriage and Raghav’s recovery. Raghav is surprised to learn that Bhawna brought him to the hospital. Bhawna explains that she received calls from home, but stayed behind to make sure Raghav was stable. She shows Raghav the torn pallu cloth she used to stop his bleeding. Bhawna says she knows the value of a woman’s pallu cloth and washed it before keeping it. Raghav touches the cloth and a song starts playing.

Bhanu wonders why they haven’t received any news. Builder asks the goon if the woman who saved Raghav was from Bhanu’s family. The goon confirms this and Builder asks him to gather information about her. Swati calls Bhawna and informs her that Raghav is in critical condition and everyone has gone home. Bhawna thinks of an excuse to leave home and goes to the hospital with difficulty.

Swati is lying to Raghav about the source of the bouquet. Bhawna is the one who saved Raghav from the attack. Raghav expresses gratitude towards Bhawna for saving his life. Bhawna is hesitant to reveal the truth about the bouquet to Raghav. Swati is actively trying to keep Bhawna and Raghav apart.

Bhanu hears workers talking about Raghav’s situation. Amit informs Bhanu that the police are searching for the person responsible for Raghav’s condition. Bhanu asks Amit to go and distribute some cards. The police arrive on the scene. Amit drops cards on the floor.

People are discussing who sent the flowers and who dropped the cards. Swati says the client sent the flowers and she will stay back. Raghav asks everyone to go and says he will sleep, but Swati thinks he won’t be able to due to Bhawna. The inspector is investigating and asking questions about the enmity between Bhanu and the family. The inspector asks Bhanu where he was at 2 PM and Bhanu says he doesn’t remember. Bhawna speaks up and says the goons must have done this and that Bhanu has nothing to do with it. The inspector is still trying to find out what happened. Raghav is potentially not getting sleep due to Bhawna. Inspector suspects Bhanu has something to do with the family. Amit says he dropped the cards because he saw Raghav suddenly. Bhanu says good people can get scared when seeing the police. Inspector asks Bhanu what he would like to have. Bhanu denies any connection with the family. Bhawna says Bhanu has lost his younger brother and can’t do such a cheap thing. Inspector is determined to find out the truth.


Inspector asks Bhawna if Bhanu planned the attack on Raghav. Bhawna is silent. Bhawna reveals to the inspector that Bhanu is behind the attack. Bhanu threatens that there will be consequences for Bhawna’s actions.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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