Dheere Dheere Se 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhawana’s statement against Bhanu shocks everyone

Dheere Dheere Se 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Bhawna is accused of interfering in everything by Bhanu. Dada ji supports Bhawna’s actions. Raghav was helped by Bhawna and in turn helped her. Bhanu asked the goons to break Raghav’s bones. Amit suggests hiding the planned attack on Raghav from the police. Bhawna confronts Bhanu about the planned attack. Bhanu threatens to kick Bhawna and her daughter out of the house if she reveals the attack.

Aanchal shows her dress to Bhawna and plans to get jewelry from Diksha’s house. Bhawna advises Aanchal to be careful before leaving. The bulb breaks and Malini interrupts Bhawna while she tries to stop Aanchal, asking her about Vidya. Bhawna denies seeing Vidya and gets worried about Bhai Saheb’s words. Dada ji asks Bhawna about Bhanu’s words and asks her to tell him. Bhanu arrives and asks Bhawna what she is saying. Bhanu instructs Bhawna to handle the guests.

Raghav takes out a rose and thinks of Bhawna. Romantic song plays. Swati informs Raghav that Bhawna informed the police that he saved her from the goons and Bhanu was also present. Bhawna gave a fearless statement to ensure the culprits are caught. Raghav thinks Bhawna’s family created a drama and regrets saving her. The police were involved in the incident. Raghav seems to have mixed feelings towards Bhawna.

Malini and Bhanu take off bad sight from Abhishek. Abhishek wants Bhawna to do the tilak, but Malini says she cannot. Bhawna steps back and asks Aarushi about Aanchal, who did not come with her. Bhawna calls Aanchal’s friend and learns she has not left yet, leaving Bhawna worried. Bhanu and her family dance as the baraat leaves. The builder threatens Bhawna in a video call, saying her brother-in-law had Raghav beaten up and he knows everything about her. Bhawna is worried about Raghav, who becomes restless and drinks water.

Malini asks Bhawna to call Aanchal to tie kalawa to Abhishek’s hand. Bhawna informs everyone that Aanchal is unwell and resting in her room. Aanchal is unable to come to tie the kalawa. Malini asks Bhanu to take the baraat and Bhawna to come with Aanchal once she gets better. Raghav wants to call Bhawna but hesitates and uses Gaurav’s phone to call her instead. Bhawna is worried and refuses to comply with Raghav’s request. Raghav is concerned for Bhawna’s safety and wonders where the marriage venue is.

Police arrive at the wedding venue and accuse Bhanu of planning an attack on Raghav. Bhanu denies the accusation and claims he is being framed by Brij Mohan. Bhawna receives a threatening message from a builder who demands she does their work. Bhawna reveals that she overheard Bhanu planning the attack on Raghav and shows evidence of his involvement. Bhanu is taken away by the police while his family is shocked. Raghav is touched by Bhawna’s actions and thinks about what she did for him. Tension and drama ensue as the wedding is disrupted by the police and the revelation of the attack plan.


Bhawna tells Raghav that her Bulbul has been kidnapped and the kidnappers will kill her. A goon approaches Bhawna with bad intentions and she is shocked.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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