Dheere Dheere Se 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Meera’s parents calls off Abhishek-Meera’s marriage

Dheere Dheere Se 14th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Bhanu is accused of lying about something by Bhawna. Malini defends Bhanu, claiming that it’s just a misunderstanding. Abhishek asks the Inspector to leave his father alone. Meera’s relative suggests that Meera’s in-laws are giving a large dowry because they know that her father-in-law is a criminal. Nirmala expresses outrage and cancels the alliance due to the accusations against Bhanu and the behavior of the family. Manohar dismisses Bhanu’s claims of misunderstanding, citing Bhawna’s statement. Meera ultimately chooses to break off the marriage due to her love for her parents.

Nirmala expresses appreciation for Bhawna’s actions. Meera throws her bangles on the floor in a display of anger and frustration. Bhanu is arrested by the Inspector. Malini goes after Abhishek, who is missing. Bhawna reveals to Raghav that Aanchal has been kidnapped and that she was forced to lie about Bhanu. Raghav promises to involve the police in the matter.

Bhawna receives a call from the kidnapper. The kidnapper tells her that they are leaving Aanchal in Ujjain Market. Raghav recognizes the kidnapper’s voice. Bhawna plans to go to the market to pick up Aanchal, but Raghav offers to go instead. Bhawna gives Raghav her phone so that he can act as Aanchal in case the kidnapper calls again.

Malini defends Bhanu, says it’s a misunderstanding, and asks the Inspector to do formalities the next day. Nirmala cancels the marriage alliance due to Bhanu’s misbehavior and refuses to give her daughter to a family associated with goons. Meera chooses her parents over Abhishek and breaks off the engagement. Bhawna reveals the kidnapper’s identity to Raghav and gets a call from the kidnapper who tells her where to find her daughter. Bhawna is thrown out of the house by Malini and is slapped by her. Bhanu is arrested and threatens revenge against Brij Mohan in jail. Gaurav finds Raghav missing from the hospital bed and worries about Aanchal’s safety.

Malini brought the doli (palanquin) and made the arthi (funeral procession) go from home.. Malini suggests that Bhawna is dead, along with Deepak, on a particular day.. Bhawna inquires about where she should go so late at night.. Malini tells Bhawna to go anywhere but not to come back again.. The conversation implies a possible conflict or issue between Malini and Bhawna.. The text provides limited context or background for the conversation.


Bhawna did something for a reason that upsets Abhishek. A goon takes Aanchal to a room and locks it. The goon approaches Aanchal before Malini closes the door. The text implies a sense of danger or threat to Aanchal’s safety. There is a possibility of Malini being involved in protecting Aanchal. Limited context or background is provided for the situation.

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