Doosri Maa 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Doosri Maa 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Mahua found a photo of Krishna’s mother in Bhaiyya’s office. Mahua claims Bhabhi is hiding a truth from Amma and Babu ji. Arvind accuses Mahua of seeking revenge. Arvind claims Bhaiyya has left the city. Babu ji slaps Arvind for hiding the truth about Bhaiyya’s departure. Yashoda admits her mistake of giving the photo to the scrap buyer. The family argues about Bhaiyya’s departure.

The stepmother wants to throw Krishna out of the house. Yashoda insists on waiting for Ashok’s return. Amma and Babu ji confront Yashoda to choose between Ashok and Krishna. Yashoda chooses Krishna over Ashok. Amma feels insulted, and Babu ji takes her away. Yashoda and Krishna are emotional. Arvind tells Mahua that her actions were wrong.

Krishna asks Yashoda if Sir ji left because of him. Yashoda tells him that the reason could be anything. Aastha and Nupur overhear the conversation and cry. Yashoda says it is wrong to give a swear to someone. We should not minimize someone’s pain.

Amma is angry and wants to throw Krishna out of the house, even if it means Yashoda has to leave too. Babu ji tries to calm Amma down and refuses to make fun of the family. Mahua tells Arvind that their opinions and preferences do not matter in the house. Mahua plans to expose all the wrongdoings of Ashok. Arvind gets upset and leaves the room. The family is in turmoil due to Ashok’s absence and Krishna’s presence. The situation has caused a divide in the family, with some members supporting Krishna and others against him.

Aastha and Nupur believe that their father cannot leave because of them. Aastha suggests calling their father back, while Nupur comes up with an idea to write a letter. Both Aastha and Nupur write letters to their father to convince him to return home. Yashoda is sad about her husband’s departure. Yashoda becomes emotional after reading the letters, asking Ashok to come back home. Krishna overhears Yashoda and also gets teary-eyed.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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