Doosri Maa 24th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Doosri Maa 24th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Babu ji might be shivering due to cold, and Mahua asks Amma to cover him with a shawl. Yashoda and Babu ji feel cold, and Babu ji sees Yashoda shivering. Mahua tries to instigate Amma, and Arvind blames Bhabhi for being outside. Amma trusts Yashoda to bring Babu ji home safely. Babu ji praises Yashoda for taking up responsibilities after marriage and gives her a night to oust Krishna from home. Krishna arrives while Babu ji acknowledges Yashoda’s contributions to the household. Mahua gets upset as Babu ji praises Yashoda.

Krishna wants to leave the city in the morning without asking questions from his father. Yashoda finds Krishna’s book with 87 questions and convinces him to stay by telling him that their lives will be incomplete without answers. Krishna asks Yashoda what she will answer if he stays, and she replies that she doesn’t know. Yashoda reassures Krishna that she will not run away like his father and asks him to stay for himself and his mother. Yashoda offers to bring food for Krishna, but he says he is not hungry. Yashoda tells Krishna that they have to keep living and asks him to eat while they wait for his father.

Yashoda offers to make food for everyone, but Amma says they have already eaten. Amma expresses her worries about the ongoing troubles, including Babu ji being in his room, Aastha and Nupur waiting for their father, Arvind and Mahua fighting, and Ashok’s whereabouts due to Krishna. Yashoda defends Krishna and says Ashok is responsible for his own actions. Amma asks Yashoda what she is hiding and suggests throwing Krishna out in the morning. Krishna overhears and blames Ashok for ruining his mother’s and Yashoda’s lives.

Yashoda cannot throw Krishna out of the house, even if she wants to. Manoj gives a court order stating that nobody can throw Krishna out until 6 months have passed. Babu ji gets angry and decides to make legal papers stating that this is his house and Krishna cannot stay here. Babu ji mentions that Krishna’s father left him and his mother left him due to illness, and he does not want to bear his sin. Yashoda is shocked at Babu ji’s decision. Amma and Mahua are also present during this conversation. The court order prevents Krishna from being thrown out of the house for 6 months.


“Babu ji opens the door and finds Inspector standing there. The Inspector hands him Ashok’s wallet and informs him that the bus traveling to Hrishikesh fell into the river, and everyone on board has died. Kamini expresses her grief, saying that her brother is gone, and Yashoda is left in shock.”

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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