Thai artist Suppasit Jongcheevevat, also known as ‘Mew’, is gaining global recognition for his melodious voice. His international single ‘Summer Fireworks’ has garnered 8.6 million views worldwide. 🇮🇳 The popularity of this Thai singer/actor is also growing in India. His songs have been added to several Indian music platforms, including Jio Music, Saavan, and Gaana, among others. Mew’s fan base is rapidly increasing worldwide. ‘Summer Fireworks’ is his latest release and has received immense appreciation from his fans. Suppasit Jongcheevevat is a renowned singer and actor in Thailand.

🇮🇳 Suppasit Jongcheevevat is gaining a fanbase in India and is becoming increasingly popular. He has a significant online presence, with his name being searched by many people. Wikipedia has featured him in Hindi, showing his growing popularity in India. Suppasit is a popular Thai singer known for his melodious voice. He is also an actor and has appeared in various Thai dramas. In addition to his latest single ‘Summer Fireworks,’ he has released several other hit songs. He has won several awards for his music and acting, including the Best Actor Award at the 2020 Nataraja Awards.

🎓 Suppasit holds a master’s degree in engineering and is pursuing a doctorate in industrial engineering from Chulalongkorn University.
💻 He owns a studio called ‘Mew Suppasit Studio.’
🎵 His first song, ‘Season of You,’ has over 12 million views and counting.
🎥 Suppasit has appeared in several music videos as the protagonist, including ‘Stamp – It Takes Two,’ ‘Zommarie – Blush,’ and ‘Grande – Don’t Try.’
🎶 Another album with 10 songs by Mew will be released soon.
🌟 Suppasit is involved in various corporate social responsibility activities.
👥 His fans are called ‘Mewlions.’
🇮🇳 In 2019, Suppasit visited Bodh Gaya, India.
🍣 He loves to eat sushi and ice cream.
🧸 Suppasit also has a passion for collecting figurines and toys.

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