Faltu 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Sid and Sumitra instigate Faltu against Tanisha

Faltu 12th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Doctor was checking on Dadi’s health. Janardhan asked about his mother’s health. Doctor reported that Dadi was fine and it was just gas that reached her chest. Faltu gave Dadi a homemade remedy (kada) made of lemon, zeera, and salt, which helped her recover. Faltu learned about the remedy from Vaid ji and confirmed with Dadi that it was for gas, not a heart attack. Doctor praised Faltu for her quick thinking and gave instructions to give Dadi medicine if she experiences pain. Ayaan and Faltu had a disagreement.

Tanisha tells Faltu not to get too close to the family. Sid believes that Faltu will eventually win the family over, but Ayaan is insulting her. Faltu wants to find a way to get in Ayaan’s good graces without hurting the family. Sumitra believes that if the family accepts Faltu, Ayaan will follow. Faltu has a plan to impress Ayaan, but it involves Ayaan hating her. The family has dinner together, with Dadi being served boiled veggies. Janardhan has invited investors for lunch and asks Ayaan to go to the office with him for a presentation. He wants everything to be perfect and asks Faltu to stay in the room the next day.

Faltu is trying to make a place in the family’s heart and has a plan to win Ayaan’s favor. The family is preparing for a lunch for investors and there is a gas leak which causes a problem for cooking. Tanisha saves the day by ordering food from a Marwadi restaurant and giving special instructions. Faltu comes up with an idea to cook food on a traditional stove, but Tanisha dismisses the idea. Faltu is tasked with folding Tanisha’s clothes and is criticized for not focusing while massaging Dadi’s legs.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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