Faltu 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayaan’s odd behaviour during the game of love

Faltu 12th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Tanu tells Ayaan that they will become the world’s best husband and wife one day before leaving. Ayaan starts thinking about her words and realizes he feels something special towards Rocky. However, he also can’t help but think of Faltu whenever he sees Rocky. Ayaan decides to take action and asks someone to keep an eye on Faltu and report everything about where she lives and who she lives with.

Meanwhile, Faltu and her team win a match, and she receives a cash reward. Rajan signs her, and she leaves the scene. Ayaan’s aide observes everything. Later, everyone gathers for Ayaan’s barbecue, and Janardhan expresses his happiness and asks about Rocky. Tanisha tells him that Rocky is out playing Holi with his friends.

Sid suggests playing a game called “mission love,” where couples have to complete romantic tasks. Ayaan receives a call from his informant, but he doesn’t find anything about Faltu. Despite his reluctance, everyone insists Ayaan plays the game. However, when it’s Ayaan and Tanu’s turn to kiss, Ayaan can’t do it and leaves.

Faltu sees the opportunity and leaves to do something at the right time. Meanwhile, Kanika sleepwalks, and Faltu overhears her talking to Vishal about going to a hospital. Faltu wonders why Kanika is hiding Vishal in a hospital.

In the precap, Ayaan hears someone and starts looking for the person.

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