Faltu 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayaan gets to know the truth about the night in the temple

Faltu 14th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Faltu is accused of playing games with others’ lives by Ayaan. Tanisha scolds Faltu for applying sindoor in her husband’s name. Faltu is concerned for Sid’s safety after his accident. Sid questions Tanisha about why she hid something from him. Ayaan receives a call from someone who knows who applied the sindoor in Faltu’s maang. Sumitra and Sid discuss the fun of revealing secrets slowly.

Ayaan tells Tanisha that he received a call from an unknown man who knows about the temple incident involving sindoor on Faltu’s forehead. Tanisha asks who it could be, and Ayaan mentions the possibility of Pappi. Tanisha expresses worry.

Tanisha tells Sid that an unknown person called Ayaan claiming to know who applied sindoor to Faltu, but she can’t share this with anyone else. Sid reassures her that he is not the one to doubt and suggests the possibility of the caller wanting to blackmail Ayaan. Tanisha expresses suspicion towards Faltu.

Ayaan receives a call from an unknown person who claims to know about the sindoor incident at the temple. Tanisha tells Sid about the call, and they speculate on who the person could be and why they called. Kinshuk shares his problem with Ayaan that his girlfriend Ayesha is not with him on Valentine’s Day, and he asks for tips to make the day special. Ayaan agrees to plan a party for Valentine’s Day, which will also be his and Tanisha’s first official Valentine’s Day together. Sid plans to give a gift of the truth of Faltu’s sindoor to Ayaan as he thinks about it.

Kanika and Tanisha are discussing Ayaan’s feelings towards Faltu. Ayaan is developing hatred for Faltu, and the plan to make him jealous is working. Tanisha is unsure if Ayaan’s hatred is genuine or if it’s just a result of trying to make Faltu jealous. Faltu recalls Ayaan’s words from the past. Suhana asks Faltu about her boyfriend, the one she loves, and she recalls Ayaan. Kanika questions Ayaan’s ability to love Tanisha. Tanisha is told not to worry as the hatred is baseless and is just an illusion created on their behalf.

Suhana notices Faltu blushing and suggests that Faltu has feelings for someone. Tanisha plans to end Ayaan’s love for Faltu and prove her a liar by confessing her love to Ayaan in front of her and giving him an expensive gift. Faltu says that cricket is her only love and denies ever having been in love. Suhana suggests that it’s nice to feel special on a particular day, even though Faltu doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, and implies that Faltu has never experienced falling in love.


Faltu has an argument with her inner self. Faltu cries for Ayaan.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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