Faltu 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu falls for Kanika’s trap

Faltu 20th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – 👩 Kanika instructs the girl to record everything well and clearly. 👧 The girls wake up Faltu and lie to her about Vishal wanting to oust her. 🎥 The girls record Faltu knocking on Vishal’s door and getting scolded. 🏏 Faltu asks Vishal if she made any mistakes after hearing rumors from other girls. ❌ Vishal gets angry and kicks Faltu out of the house. 💬 The girls apologize to Faltu for the situation.

Ayaan expresses concern over Kanika bringing Vishal to the academy due to his egoistic and self-centered nature. Ayaan believes that the wrong coach could ruin the girls’ careers and emphasizes the importance of finding the right fit. Faltu does warm-up exercises in the morning while Vishal arrives later. Vishal and Faltu have a conversation where they both apologize for their actions and Faltu offers to rectify any mistakes she may make. Kanika is working hard to ensure the success of the girls at the academy.

👭 Kanika and Tanisha watch a video and smile. 💬 Kanika believes that the video will create a false impression that Faltu was thrown out due to her own mistake, not because of Vishal. 👫 Kanika suggests that Ayaan and Tanisha go on their honeymoon, as Vishal won’t be around to help Faltu. 🗣️ Kanika informs everyone about Ayaan and Tanisha’s honeymoon plans. 💁‍♀️ Kanika expresses her excitement for Ayaan and Tanisha. 💬 Kinshuk jokes about the situation.

Suhana plans a family trip for when Ayaan and Tanu return. Kanika goes on a call and asks the girls to make their own plan. The girls take Faltu to the canteen and ask her to cook something for them. Faltu thinks of Ayaan while cooking. The girls make a video of Faltu and gossip about her. Ayaan arrives, but Kanika’s car breaks down, so he leaves after having coffee. The girls serve Faltu’s food to Vishal, causing Ayaan to leave in anger.


Sid called Ayaan and informed him that Faltu had lied to him. Ayaan requested proof, to which Sid responded by saying that Ayaan’s wife also knows the truth and that he can go and ask her. The context of the conversation is unclear. It is not specified what Faltu had lied about. The identity of Sid, Ayaan, and Ayaan’s wife is unknown. The tone and intention behind Sid’s phone call is unclear.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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