Faltu 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayaan reveals the truth to Janardhan

Faltu 26th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Ayaan left Tanu alone at the airport to fight for Faltu. Faltu has gone abroad with Tanisha. Kanika scolds Ayaan and informs Janardhan that he left his wife for a selfish characterless girl. Ayaan calls Faltu, but her number is switched off. Sid calls to get Tanu home and consoles Tanisha. Everyone supports Faltu and knows her cricket talent. Tanu’s name will get cleared soon.

Janardhan wants Ayaan to choose between Faltu or the family. Kanika arrives and tells Tanu not to cry. Tanisha is consoled by Savita and Dadi.

Kanika wants Janardhan to choose between Tanu and Ayaan. Charan suggests taking Faltu away to avoid village gossip. Ayaan apologizes to Janardhan for leaving Tanu and going to find Faltu.

Kanika scolds Ayaan and Vishal for leaving Tanu alone at the airport to fight for Faltu. Ayaan calls Faltu but her phone is switched off. Janardhan is angry at Ayaan for leaving Tanu alone and choosing Faltu over his family. Kanika gives Janardhan an ultimatum: either Tanu stays or Ayaan goes to Faltu. Charan suggests taking Faltu to Ittarpur to avoid the scandal, but Faltu wants to clear her name and go back to the academy. Faltu asks her friends to keep an eye on Vishal and not let him find out. Charan advises Faltu not to switch on her phone in case Ayaan calls.

Janardhan is shocked to see the video and asks Ayaan where he got it from. Ayaan tells him that he got it from the same anonymous caller who told him about the sindoor. Janardhan asks him why he didn’t tell him about it earlier. Ayaan tells him that he wanted to verify the truth first and that he didn’t want to cause any harm to the family by spreading false rumors. Janardhan is still angry and asks him how he could keep such an important thing hidden from him. Ayaan tells him that he was waiting for the right time to reveal it and that he wanted to protect the family’s reputation. Janardhan is still angry but he is also relieved to finally know the truth. He tells Ayaan that he will deal with Faltu and that he will make sure that she is punished for what she has done. Ayaan tells him that he is sorry for keeping the truth hidden and that he will do anything to make things right.


Janardhan pleads with Ayaan to keep the video hidden and to close the chapter on Faltu’s accusations. He fears that the news will ruin their family’s business. Ayaan insists that he cannot ignore the video and that they must confront Faltu with the evidence. He tells Janardhan that he is not the only one who has seen the video and that they must take action before it becomes public knowledge. Faltu wonders if Vishal was behind the video and worries about the consequences. Janardhan pleads with Ayaan to reconsider and to protect their family’s reputation.

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