Faltu 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayaan makes a difficult choice

Faltu 27th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Faltu is blackmailing Tanisha and claims to be Ayaan’s wife. Janardhan argues that Faltu is an opportunist and the marriage is not legal. Ayaan defends Faltu and insists she is not an opportunist. Faltu tries to uncover Vishal’s involvement. Janardhan urges Ayaan to end things with Faltu to save their business and reputation. Kanika’s investment is at risk if the situation is not handled properly. JM Marts may shut down and everyone could end up on the streets.

Tanu receives an apology from Ayaan through Savita. Kanika takes Tanu aside for a talk. Janardhan and Ayaan are not at home. Govind is worried that Ayaan may have offended Kanika, which could affect the family business. Sumitra and Dadi agree that something big has happened. Kanika speculates that Ayaan may have obtained Faltu’s confession video and is being blackmailed for money. Faltu is determined to find out why Vishal cheated her, suspecting a conspiracy.

Dadi inquires about the ongoing conversation. Janardhan arrives. Ayaan is questioned about the matter he discussed with his father. Janardhan asks about the whereabouts of Tanu and Kanika. Kanika demands an explanation for Ayaan’s mistake.

Kanika scolds Ayaan for making her daughter cry. She expresses regret that Tanu did not find happiness in her marriage. Kanika suggests making a decision today about ending the marriage and business partnership. Sid smiles. Janardhan tries to calm the situation.

Tanisha pleads for them to reconsider. Kanika urges Tanisha not to ignore Ayaan’s mistakes. Janardhan acknowledges the risk to their business if the partnership ends. Kanika questions Ayaan’s hesitation to confess and canceling their honeymoon plans. Ayaan looks at Janardhan.

Janardhan suggests that Ayaan needs a counsellor’s help. He believes that Ayaan is struggling with unnecessary guilt over Faltu. Janardhan thinks that a counsellor can help Ayaan overcome his guilt. Kanika objects to the idea of a counsellor. Janardhan explains that Ayaan’s guilt is affecting his happiness and ability to make others happy. Janardhan emphasizes that Ayaan came to him seeking advice. Ayaan remains silent as the discussion continues.

Faltu obtains Vishal’s contact information. The guy tells Faltu that Vishal has no wife or girlfriend. Faltu expresses surprise that Vishal became a cricket academy coach. Charan suggests Kanika may have had something to do with it, but Faltu disagrees. Faltu resolves to find out who is behind Vishal’s coaching job.


Faltu gets sad and talks to Matarani.

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