Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Sai rescues Vinayak

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Pakhi weeps profusely upon hearing Virat whispering Sai’s name and discussing their relationship. The serial’s theme song plays in the backdrop. Sai receives a message from Ajay Kamble, stating that everything will turn into ashes in five minutes, similar to the one he smeared on her face. She recalls recent events and suspects it to be Ajay Kamble. She discovers ash on her forehead and recollects a man smearing it on her forehead. She hurries to Virat and tries to awaken him. Pakhi yells, asking why she returned now, if her intention is to trap Virat entirely. Sai says she received a message from Ajay Kamble. Pakhi inquires about Ajay Kamble. Sai replies that she will explain later. When she fails to wake up Virat, she rushes out. Vinu’s music player malfunctions again. He opens it to repair it. A bomb is glowing inside it.

Sai rushes to the constables and informs them that Ajay Kamble came and sent her a threatening message that everything will turn to ashes in five minutes. She worries about Vinu and Savi and inquires about their whereabouts from the Chhavan family. They all reply that Savi and Vinu must be playing somewhere nearby. Sai runs towards Vinu’s room. Vinu notices a time bomb and looks at it in confusion. Sai arrives and shouts his name. The bomb explodes, leaving everyone stunned. Upon hearing the bomb blast, Virat wakes up and rushes out. Sai rescues Vinu and brings him out of the room safely. Virat inquires about what happened and how the bomb arrived there. Vinu replies that Sai told him that Ajay Kamble brought the music box. Virat wonders how Ajay Kamble managed to breach their security. Sai explains how he disguised himself as DJ Kolte, gave Vinu the music box, and sent her an auto-deleted threatening message. Virat expresses his anger and vows to punish Ajay Kamble. He drives his car away. Sai tells someone to stop him, or else he will kill Kamble. She and Mohit follow Virat’s car. Ajay celebrates with his goons, bragging that Sai and her family must have turned into ashes.

Virat reaches the location and brutally beats up Ajay for attempting to harm his wife and son. Varsha stops him and says that only she has the right to punish Ajay. She slaps him and calls him a eunuch for harassing a woman. Ajay shouts back at her. Varsha slaps him again and seeks permission from Virat to arrest him. Virat warns Ajay that if he looks at his family again, he will crush him.

In the precap, Virat informs the family that Sai will not go anywhere and enters holding her hand. Bhavani looks happy, while Pakhi and Ashwini frown. He declares that even if his family wants to, he will not allow Sai to leave.

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