Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Virat takes a firm stand for Sai

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Virat informs Pakhi that Sai won’t come, but Sai arrives with Savi and their bags. Savi tears up Virat’s signed adoption papers and reveals that she is Virat’s biological daughter and a Chavan. Sonali informs Bhavani that Virat promised Vinu to prevent Sai from taking him away and wonders if Sai is taking Savi permanently to Kankavali. Virat is puzzled by Savi’s actions and asks her why she tore up the adoption papers. Savi expresses her realization that she belongs with her biological family and asks to stay with them at Chavan Nivas. Everyone claps for Savi’s revelation and happiness spreads among the family members.

Savi asks Pakhi about Vinu and wants to meet him, but Pakhi stops her, saying he is sleeping. Bhavani thinks it’s time for Vinu to wake up and know his real family, and Savi should inform him. Ashwini asks who informed Savi about Virat being her biological father, but Bhavani says it doesn’t matter and everyone should be happy. Pakhi blames Sai for informing Savi about the truth, and Bhavani fears Sai will get angry and reveal it. Virat is happy that he doesn’t have to lie to his daughter anymore. Pakhi continues to shout at Sai, blaming her for Vinu’s panic state and calling her a disgraceful mother.

Sai shouts back at Pakhi and accuses her of forcefully becoming a surrogate, attempting suicide, and trying to take Vinu away from his family. Sai claims she’s here to give Vinu a chance to spend a beautiful childhood with his sister and remove the toxicity Pakhi filled in his mind. Pakhi responds with anger, asking Virat to throw Sai’s bags out and kick her out of the house. Pakhi attempts to throw Sai’s bag, but Virat stops her.

Savi visits Vinu, who is happy to see her. Savi reveals that she’s staying permanently as they are biological siblings and Virat is their father. Vinu panics and asks who informed her about it, and questions if her mother permitted her to stay. Virat declares that he will not let his daughter and her mother go away from him again. Ashwini expresses concern about the situation and the potential disgrace it could bring to the family. Pakhi shouts and threatens to leave the house with her son.


Pakhi prepares to leave with Vinu, feeling that Sai has control over Virat and doesn’t want to lose her son. Virat promises Pakhi that he won’t let Sai take Vinu away from her. Sai slips and falls from a table, and Virat catches her, getting lost in her eyes. Bhavani observes Virat and Sai’s interaction. Savi tells Vinu that she and her mother will stay permanently as Virat is their biological father. Vinu is shocked and asks who informed Savi about this. Ashwini expresses concern about Virat living with both his wife and ex-wife under the same roof, as it could cause problems.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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