Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Pakhi surprises Virat

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Sai and Virat enjoy playing a thief-police game with their daughter Savi. Virat praises Savi’s sharpness in catching thieves quickly. Sai acknowledges Virat’s comment and expresses confidence that their daughter will make them proud in the future. Virat and Sai engage in playful banter. Savi falls down and calls out to Sai, prompting Virat and Sai to rush to her side. Savi shows her dedication to duty by downplaying her injuries. Virat reinforces the importance of a police officer’s loyalty to duty.

As Sai looked out of the window, she noticed Virat’s gaze fixed on them. She quickly called out to him, informing him that Inspector Savi Joshi had been injured. Sai quickly made Savi sit down on a nearby bench and signaled to Vinu. Savi reassured them that she was fine, but it was clear that she had been shot. She urgently called for a doctor.

Virat seemed perplexed, but Savi’s friend revealed that she was a doctor. Sai, however, clarified that the friend was actually a thief, and what they really needed was a genuine doctor. Despite Pakhi’s attempts to stop him, Vinu ran down to help his sister, carrying his toy doctor kit. Upon seeing Vinu outside, Virat and Savi’s friend were overjoyed. However, Bhavani and Ashwini stopped Pakhi and reminded her that she should be happy that her son was getting some fresh air. Reluctantly, Pakhi agreed. Vinu treated Savi as though he were a real doctor, and soon she was feeling much better. Everyone clapped for him, boosting his morale and leaving Pakhi frowning.

Back in the room, Savi thanked Vinu for treating her and offered him some kothmir vadi that Sai had prepared as payment. Harini praised them, noting that helping one another was a hallmark of humanity. Bhavani then scolded Pakhi, pointing out that mothers should be like Sai, who helped her child overcome fear, rather than confining him to a suffocating room and offering an air purifier. Meanwhile, Sai served kothmir vadi to Mohit, Karishma, and Shivani, who all enjoyed it and thanked her. She then offered them some fried modak, which Mohit noted was Virat’s favorite. When Virat returned, he asked if he could try one. Sai offered him a modak and remarked that whoever had tried to turn her son against her had failed. Virat responded that if Sai thought she had defeated him, he would accept defeat, as his children were more important to him. The two stood looking at each other, while Pakhi seethed with jealousy.

Sai then called constable Varsha and asked why she had left before giving her the ointment she needed. She urged Varsha to come and see her, as she knew that Varsha was a victim of domestic violence. Sai threatened to inform the police department if Varsha did not meet with her. Virat, back in his office, thought about Sai drying her hair, realizing that just her presence could brighten his mood even after all these years. The song “Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein” played in the background as Pakhi noticed Virat’s preoccupation and asked him what was wrong.

Varsha eventually visited Sai, confessing that she was a victim of domestic abuse. Sai was surprised, as Varsha had always dealt with such cases as a constable. Varsha explained that her husband wanted to suppress her by demonstrating his power over her. Sai encouraged Varsha to file a complaint against her husband, but Varsha was reluctant, as her husband worked for a powerful minister and she feared that her family’s reputation would be damaged.

Meanwhile, Pakhi had brought lunch for Virat and suggested that they make it a lunch date, promising to never fight and to make their married life peaceful. She was relieved to have left the house, as she felt that the shadow of Sai’s name had cast an eclipse over her at home. Just then, Sai arrived at the police station with Varsha, declaring that she used to work there and knew DCP Virat well. As Pakhi tried to feed Virat, Sai


Pakhi shouts at Virat for an unknown reason. Virat denies going to Sai’s office to pick her up. Virat notices a shadow near the outhouse, and he worries about Sai and Savi’s safety. Virat sleeps outside the outhouse, covers himself with Sai’s sari due to cold. Pakhi tears Sai’s sari out of jealousy while Virat is asleep. The reason for Pakhi’s outburst towards Virat is unknown. The incident involves Virat, Pakhi, Sai, and Savi, and there is a conflict among them.

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