Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Pakhi gets enraged

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Virat reaches Varsha’s area and finds Sai cleaning ash from her forehead. Sai says she slapped Kamble and taught him a lesson. Virat asks why she risked her life and clashed with a goon. Sai asserts her independence and tells Virat to mind his own business. Virat asks Sai where she’s going, and she says to her daughter. Virat offers to accompany Sai, and after some argument, she agrees. Virat is worried about Kamble’s tactics, and Sai is impatient to leave.

Savi and Vinu play badminton while Ashwini cheers them on. Pakhi smiles from the balcony. Virat and Sai arrive, and Vinu runs to Pakhi, saying he doesn’t want to be with Sai. Savi wants to play badminton with Virat and Sai, but Virat says not now. Sai suggests Virat pick up and drop off Savi daily and asks to talk about it later. Savi insists on playing with everyone, but Sai suggests sending her in and talks to Virat about the distance between her and Vinu. Virat tells Sai to call him if she faces any problems at night, but Sai insists she can take care of herself.

At night, Virat orders his subordinate to send him Ajay Kamble’s criminal records. His subordinate sends Kamble’s chargesheet, and Virat discovers a history of child kidnapping and other crimes. Virat realizes Kamble is dangerous and needs to protect Sai. Pakhi accuses Virat of not paying attention to her and chatting with Sai all day. Virat hears a noise near the gate and rushes out, thinking Kamble’s men are trying to harm Sai. He finds two youths drinking alcohol and warns them not to do it in public. Pakhi accuses him again of behaving like a teenager and meeting Sai in the outhouse. Virat warns her to stop and says he has more important work to do.

Virat has a nightmare where Kamble kidnaps Savi from the outhouse. He sits outside the outhouse to protect Sai and Savi, and sleeps covering himself with Sai’s sari due to cold and mosquitoes. Pakhi wakes up and finds Virat sleeping outside the outhouse with Sai’s sari covering him. She accuses Virat of not listening to her warning and tears off Sai’s sari with scissors.


Pakhi frames Sai’s earring and hangs it on the wall. She tells Virat to watch it while entering and leaving the house. Sai notices that her earring is missing. Pakhi shows Sai her earring and asks if she was searching for it.

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