Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Vimlesh tells Rajjo that her tea gave her warmth in her body. Rajjo expresses jealousy towards Vimlesh’s husband for doing all the work. Vimlesh says she also does a lot of work, such as laundry for Beni. Rajjo says she is too busy to celebrate Valentine’s day, but Vimlesh encourages her to do so. Rajjo mentions that her husband loves her, but they do not celebrate Valentine’s day, and recalls a previous promotion celebration at Khota baba. Happu overhears the conversation. Vimlesh comments on Happu’s treatment of Rajjo and says she would not have left Beni if he had treated her the same way.

Happu visits Beni to discuss something important. Happu plans to take Rajjo to Thailand for Valentine’s Day. Beni’s client comments that no one goes to Thailand with their spouse. Happu mentions that Rajjo was unhappy with their previous Valentine’s Day. Beni worries about Vimlesh’s reaction. Happu slaps Beni’s client after a comment about a divorce case.

Kat encourages Kamlesh to start a fast food service. The service is named “K Fastfood” or “King Chinese”. Hrithik questions the name of the service. Ranbir and Chamchi make predictions but are wrong. Kamlesh serves soup to Ranbir and Chamchi. Kamlesh reveals to Kat that “K” actually stands for “Kat Chinese”. Kamlesh plans to earn money for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Happu plans to take Rajjo to Thailand for Valentine’s day. Happu got the idea from a contest on AndTv. Rajjo is hesitant due to her responsibilities at home. Rajjo convinces Amma to let her go by lying about her Chacha missing her. Rajjo worries about poor internet connectivity in Thailand. Happu and Rajjo pretend to be emotional to convince Amma. Amma agrees to take care of the house in their absence.

Happu plans to take Rajjo to Thailand for Valentine’s Day. Happu gets the idea from a contest on AndTV. Rajjo wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Happu, but has a lot of work. Happu decorates a room for Rajjo to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Rajjo asks why they are celebrating in the room, as they are going to Thailand. Happu says they can celebrate both here and in Thailand. They dance to the song “Kuch na kaho”.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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