Imlie 11th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie tracks the location of Rana’s and finds them

Imlie 11th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Chini has abducted the Rana family and demands that Atharva marry her. However, Atharva refuses her proposal, stating that he does not love her. Chini reminds Atharva of his past love for her and urges him to rekindle their relationship. Despite her efforts, Atharva affirms that loving her was the most significant error of his life and declines to marry her under any circumstances. In retaliation, Chini orders her henchmen to bring a bride to the mandap. In a show of valor, Atharva confronts the goons, overpowering them initially but ultimately being overpowered himself. With his family’s lives at stake, Atharva rallies once more, defeating the goons and freeing his kin from their captivity. Imlie, who has been watching the events unfold, praises Atharva for his heroism but expresses concern about his ability to save his family.

Imlie heads to the Bhaskar Times office and requests assistance in tracking a particular phone number. However, she is informed that the IT technician is currently on leave. Urgently explaining her family’s perilous situation, Imlie implores the employee to contact the IT technician immediately. Meanwhile, Chini orders her minions to confiscate everyone’s phones and dispose of their sim cards, thereby cutting off communication with the outside world. However, Imlie manages to get through to her family, and the IT technician arrives just in time to locate the phone number’s whereabouts before it is destroyed by Chini’s cohorts. Despite Chini’s twisted satisfaction in her villainous actions, Atharva’s resilience and Imlie’s determination ultimately thwart her nefarious plans.

Chini forcefully brings Atharva to the wedding mandap. Rudra questions Chini about Rupali’s reaction to this act, but Chini believes that Rupali will be happy if she truly loves Atharva. Chini declares that she will conduct her own wedding and takes a solemn vow to not let anyone come between her and Atharva, threatening to kill Imlie if she interferes.

Meanwhile, Imlie is driving towards the location and praying to Goddess Sita to prevent any mishap until she arrives. Chini takes another oath to control Atharva’s life and make all his decisions for him. When she reaches the location, she finds a holika dahan ceremony taking place, and an old woman advises her to perform the parikrama and make a wish. At the same time, Imlie also prays to God and discovers Ginni’s phone nearby. She delivers a powerful dialogue about thwarting Chini’s evil plan and punishing her before getting back in the car to continue the search for Chini and Atharva.

Chini continues with the wedding ceremony, and Rudra warns her against causing any harm. Imlie decides to intervene and stop Chini from completing the wedding after the second phera. As she drives towards the location, Imlie thinks about how she always forgave Chini’s past attacks on her, but she won’t spare her if she harms Atharva. She reaches the venue before Chini can complete the final phera and gives the family hope.

Chini threatens to harm everyone with a hanging object, and goons force Atharva to kneel down. However, Imlie notices the spice boxes near the fan and spreads chili powder in the air, disrupting Chini and her goons. She then runs towards the falling object to protect the family.


In the upcoming episode, Atharva and Imlie will be shown getting remarried with a promise to never let anyone come between them. During the ceremony, Imlie will notice a man and ask for his identity, to which he will reveal himself as Dhairya. It remains to be seen what role Dhairya will play in Atharva and Imlie’s lives.

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