Imlie 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Chini commits suicide

Imlie 12th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Imlie holds Seeta maiya’s idol and prays for everyone’s safety. She opens her room door and bumps into Atharva. Atharva is being sent out of Delhi by his father. Imlie is leaving the Rathore house as she feels she is no longer needed there. Atharva offers to stay back if Imlie does. Imlie declines and says they have to take charge of their own lives. She gives Atharva Seeta maiya’s idol for protection. Imlie is leaving the Rathore house as a daughter-in-law. Atharva asks Imlie if she can stay back, but she declines. Imlie tells Atharva that their friendship will remain, no matter where fate takes them. Atharva is worried about being alone without Imlie. Imlie reassures Atharva that Seeta maiya’s idol will protect him.

Atharva receives a call from Chini and rushes to the terrace with Imlie. Chini threatens to commit suicide and Atharva and Imlie try to stop her. Chini says she will continue to love Arto, even if he doesn’t love her. Atharva warns Chini to stop her attention-seeking behavior. Chini jumps from the terrace, and Imlie runs down shouting her name. The family gathers and wonders why Imlie is shouting Chini’s name. Chini falls from the terrace with only a minor head injury.

Chini is taken to the hospital for treatment. Arpita cries, and Anu thinks nobody understands Chini. Rupali thinks Chini is strong mentally, so why did she take this extreme step. Imlie recalls Chini’s challenge and cries. Atharva tries to comfort her. Imlie says she thought Chini was just threatening them. Atharva says he never trusted Chini. The police walk in to arrest Imlie for allegedly provoking Chini to attempt suicide. Sundar says it’s a false complaint, but the police are adamant to arrest Imlie. Atharva offers to accompany them. Rudra asks who filed the baseless complaint, and Anu accuses Imlie. Shivani supports Anu, and Devika shuts her mouth. Rudra resolves the situation.

Chini attempted suicide after being rejected by Atharva. Imlie is accused of provoking Chini to attempt suicide and is nearly arrested. Chini has minor external injuries but may have critical internal injuries. Rupali blames Atharva for Chini’s condition and accuses him of changing his mind about marrying her. Devika encourages everyone to trust God and write a new story. Imlie recalls giving Seeta Maiya’s idol to Atharva and believes Chini needs her the most now. Atharva comforts Imlie and reminds her that Seeta Maiya is with her.


Imlie is leaving the Rathore house and says goodbye to everyone. Atharva tries to convince Imlie to stay, but she decides to leave and go back to her family. Chini calls Atharva and threatens to commit suicide. Chini falls from the terrace and is taken to the hospital. The police arrive to arrest Imlie for inciting Chini’s suicide attempt. The doctor informs the family that Chini has suffered some internal injuries. Rupali accuses Atharva of causing Chini’s attempt to commit suicide.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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