Imlie 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie and Arto save the Ranas after a long fighting sequence

Imlie 12th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Imlie sprays chili powder at Chini and her accomplices, causing one of them to drop a rope with a heavy object hanging over the Rana family. The object falls towards them, but Imlie quickly runs and pulls the rope down, saving them from harm. Atharva rushes to check on her and asks if she’s okay. Imlie unties the rope around him with her teeth and instructs Atharva to free the family’s hands as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the goons become alert and Atharva fights them off. Imlie struggles to hold the rope, but manages to do so with great difficulty.

The Rana family is eventually able to free themselves and beat the goons. Chini realizes that Imlie saved them, but wonders who will save her. She pushes Imlie towards the object, but slips and falls instead. Imlie acts quickly and pushes Chini away, saving her from harm just in time. Atharva checks on Imlie and expresses concern, stating that if something had happened to her, he wouldn’t know what to do. Imlie assures him that she’s fine. Devika expresses gratitude to Imlie for saving them all, while the police arrive on the scene.

Imlie requests that the police arrest Chini, who had kidnapped her family. Chini attempts to escape, but the police catch her. Rudra asks Imlie how she managed to locate them, and she explains that Chini’s goons are selfie-lovers like her and had taken selfies on Ginni’s phone. Imlie noticed a godown in the background of the photos, which led her to the location where the Rana family was being held. The police arrest the goons and take them away, but Shivani requests that they wait to perform the marriage before leaving. Chini grins, thinking that Shivani is her secret admirer and will help her get married to Atharva. However, Rudra reveals that the marriage has already taken place.

Shivani apologizes to Imlie for her previous misunderstandings and states that she now understands how selfless Imlie is. Devika agrees, adding that Shivani will now be able to bless Imlie as well.

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