Imlie 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Chini pleads Imlie not to leave Rana Residence

Imlie 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Atharva gives Imlie her “Seeta maiya” idol to comfort her and remind her she’s not alone. Imlie goes to Chini’s ICU room and pleads with her to wake up. Chini eventually opens her eyes and apologizes to Imlie and Arto. Keya scolds Akash for being on the phone and he informs her that he’s cancelling Atharva’s London tickets. Keya believes that Rudra told the inspector that no one is going anywhere and that Imlie and Atharva will now cause trouble for them. Akash is unsure why Chini attempted suicide. Keya thinks Chini doesn’t do anything without a plan and believes they’ll see what Chini’s next plan is.

Divya hopes for Chini to get well soon and that they’re all troubled by her condition. Devika speaks encouraging words to Chini. Rudra believes that one should face their problems and suicide is not a solution. Imlie calls everyone to come into Chini’s room. Chini apologizes to Rupali and everyone else for her mistakes and attempted suicide. Chini explains that she lost her family as a child and that Rupali, Arpita, and Sundar are her new family and she loves them. Chini also apologizes to Atharva and admits to being selfish and putting pressure on him, and says attempting suicide was a punishment for her actions. Atharva responds and says it’s okay.

Chini apologizes to Imlie for trying to take everything from her since childhood and for ruining Imlie’s marriage. Imlie tells Chini to stop speaking and acknowledges that she always tried to help her. Chini explains that she felt overwhelmed by her past mistakes and attempted suicide as a result. Chini wants to make amends and be a source of pride for her loved ones. Rupali, Sundar, and others express their love for Chini and assure her that her loved ones are proud of her.

Rudra knows that Imlie is leaving home but feels it is Atharva’s responsibility to stop her. Shivani suggests that they should instead focus on stopping Chini from attempting suicide again. Devika agrees with Shivani. Imlie packs her bags to leave. Atharva enters and tries to persuade Imlie to stay, but she declines and leaves.

Atharva watches Imlie leaving with sadness. The song “Hamari Adhuri Kahani” plays in the background. Imlie looks back, Atharva hides and thinks he should be strong. Rupali, Sundar, and Arpita bring Chini to the Rana house. Chini says she can’t stay at the Rana house due to her mistakes. Shivani and her team try to convince Chini to stay. Imlie opens the main door and is going to her house, Chini wants her to stay.

Shivani asks Rudra to stop Chini from leaving. Shivani reminds Rudra of her previous suggestion. Rudra realizes his mistake and won’t disrespect children’s decision. Rudra is upset because his daughter is leaving without telling him. Chini requests Imlie to stay back. Chini says she might do something that will keep Imlie there forever. Atharva thinks Imlie should stay for Chini’s sake.


Anu praises Chini’s suicide drama. Anu says nobody found out about the carpets on the floor. Chini says she will win the Atharva named trophy. Chini says she will act more “mahaan” than Imlie. Imlie overhears the conversation. Imlie asks if this was Chini’s plan.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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