Imlie 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Chini and Anu discuss about their plan execution

Imlie 14th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Chini pleads Imlie to stay back and suggests she may do something to make her stay forever. Imlie initially refuses to stay, but agrees after requests from Rupali and Sundar. Atharva helps Chini find her charger and she thanks him for helping despite her past behavior towards him. Chini suggests Imlie and Rudra give their relationship another chance. Rudra and Imlie agree to remain friends. 🤔 Chini advises them not to overthink the situation. Rudra smiles after Imlie agrees to stay.

Chini apologizes to Imlie for not taking care of her like an elder sister, acknowledging that Imlie took care of her instead, and expresses her belief that she is really Imalia’s daughter. Imlie refers to Chini as papa’s Ms. Sugar and tells her to rest, bidding her good night. Atharva asks Imlie about her opinion of Chini’s advice and Imlie responds that there is no meaning for one-sided love. Atharva recalls Imlie saying that she does not love him and concludes that they are better off as friends, implying that he accepts her decision. Anu confronts Imlie and blames her mother for causing her to lose Malini, threatening her and expressing concern for Chini. Imlie wonders if Chini has really changed or if she is still the same person. The story involves familial relationships, unrequited love, and confrontations between characters.

Chini questions Anu about what would have happened to her beauty if her previous plan had failed. Anu recalls faking an injury and praises Chini’s acting skills. Chini vows to act even better and grab Atharva’s attention. Chini throws away her medicine and Imlie finds it in the empty bird water pot. Chini tells Anu she will act even more “mahaan” than Imlie and defeat her.

Imlie confronts Anu and accuses her of having a plan. Anu feigns ignorance. Chini pretends to be good again and claims that she did nothing wrong. Imlie finds out that Chini threw away her medicines and questions her about it. Anu defends Chini’s actions and claims that she cannot trust Imlie, who she believes was responsible for Chini’s suicide attempt. Chini vouches for Imlie’s character by taking the medicine Imlie brought. Anu yells at Imlie to leave, and Chini pretends to stop her. Imlie wonders why Chini still doubts her despite acting nicely, and hopes for a better tomorrow. The story involves distrust, pretense, and hope for a better future.

Chini tells the servant she wants to have breakfast with the family. The servant informs Imlie that Chini refused breakfast and everyone has finished eating except for Atharva. Imlie notices that Chini doesn’t like porridge and goes to prepare breakfast for her. Atharva feeds Chini’s breakfast to Imlie, making Chini jealous. Chini decides to get rid of Imlie as she sees her as an obstacle.

Keya bumps into Chini and questions her about her intentions. Shivani defends Chini and tells Keya not to scold her. Chini requests everyone to gather in the living room, as she has a surprise for them. Atharva asks Imlie to have food, and everyone gathers in the living room. Imlie reveals that she has arranged passes for a Valentine’s Day event and encourages everyone to celebrate it. Rudra expresses that they do not celebrate Valentine’s Day, but Chini suggests that they should do it for Imlie and Atharva’s sake.


Imlie gets stuck in a hot air balloon. Chini wishes for Imlie to die. Atharva rushes to help Imlie.

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