Imlie 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie shocks Chini by showing her the missing earring

Imlie 18th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Imlie plans to question Chini for faking a suicide drama and manipulating her family’s emotions. Anu instructs Chini to take advantage of Imlie’s emotional nature and use it against her. Chini hopes that Imlie’s fate doesn’t support her on that day. Reporters suddenly appear and ask Imlie about how she and Atharva escaped a hot air balloon accident, and want to know more about their love story. Imlie feels anxious and declines to answer their questions, while Atharva tries to protect her. The reporters praise their love story and continue to insist on getting details, which makes Chini happy. In the meantime, Rudra wonders why the reporters are there and what they want.

Imlie denies having a romantic relationship with Atharva when reporters ask about it. The reporters start to humiliate Imlie, questioning her character and why she lives with a man who is not related to her. Atharva defends Imlie and criticizes the reporters for questioning a woman’s character but not a man’s. Atharva tells Imlie to reveal the truth and say that they are best friends. Imlie admits that she and Atharva are just friends and their relationship is pure. Atharva emphasizes that they sacrifice their lives for their friends and will not feel humiliated by the reporters’ comments. Rudra orders the guards to kick out the reporters, while Chini feels relieved that her plan worked.

Atharva feels sad about the incident with the reporters and remembers it. Chini pretends to be concerned for Imlie and suggests that Atharva and Imlie should unite for their happiness and that of their family. Atharva points out that Imlie considers him only as a friend and does not have romantic feelings for him. Chini worries that Imlie could be humiliated anywhere and hopes that Seerat maiya protects her. Keya suggests accepting that Imlie and Atharva are just friends and that their prayers did not work. Rudra believes that friendship is the first step of love and they should give Imlie and Atharva more time. Shivani adds that despite spending time together, Imlie and Atharva have not fallen in love.

Imlie is upset and crying after the reporters humiliated her character in front of everyone. Atharva apologizes to Imlie for marrying her despite not loving her and forcefully stopping her from leaving. Imlie tries to console him by saying that he is a good person and they should learn from their mistakes. Sundar tells Atharva they have to either get used to people’s taunts or change accordingly. Arpita warns Sundar to stop supporting media. Atharva is hopeful that such an incident won’t repeat itself.

Chini expresses concern for Imlie’s humiliation. Keya suggests Atharva and Imlie should move on. Shivani decides to talk to Rudra and Devika. Atharva’s actions are deemed wrong. Imlie asks Chini for her earrings and finds the missing pair. Chini jokes with Imlie, but Imlie is not in a joking mood. The earrings were found on a mattress.


Imlie loses her memory after a hot air balloon accident. She tells Atharva they need to perform post-wedding rituals. Imlie believes that they just got married the day before. The doctor informs the family of Imlie’s memory loss after her wedding. The cause of the memory loss was the hot air balloon accident.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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