Imlie 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie comes to know about the Divorce papers

Imlie 20th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Atharva is looking at divorce papers and is worried about life without Imlie. Chini asks Atharva if he is okay, and he tells her it’s work stress. Divorce papers fall in front of Chini, who encourages Atharva to speed up the process. Chini grins when she sees the papers and acts shocked when she learns Atharva is divorcing Imlie. Atharva is unsure about divorcing Imlie, but Chini tells him it’s the right thing to do. Chini believes Imlie still loves Atharva, but won’t tell him. Chini suggests Atharva speed up the divorce process to avoid further hurt.

Atharva wants to spend time with Imlie but is struggling to tell her about the divorce. Imlie senses something is bothering Atharva but is also hiding Chini’s truth. Atharva drops an envelope and tries to leave when Imlie asks about it. Atharva worries if Imlie will forget him after he’s gone, and she says remembering him is a top priority. Imlie asks if Atharva will take care of himself in her absence, and he can’t promise. Imlie thinks about protecting Atharva from Chini before she leaves.

Chini hopes to see Imlie cry after getting the divorce papers and steals them from Atharva. Atharva walks to his room without giving the papers to Imlie. Chini drops the papers in Imlie’s room, causing her to be shattered and think of leaving. Chini hides, thinking that Imlie will be too busy crying to expose her. Imlie notices Atharva walking towards Chini’s room and wonders if he’s seeking a better future with her. Imlie cries and thinks about leaving the Rana house after reading the divorce papers.

Chini lies to Atharva about giving the divorce papers to Imlie and pretends to be concerned for her. Atharva meets Imlie and says he feels weird and wants her to stay away from him. Imlie asks him to accept that he fell in love with her and not to stop her from leaving. He admits that he loves her and gets closer to her.

Imlie and Atharva realize their mutual imagination of being together in their rooms. Imlie contemplates that she needs to stop dreaming and accept that Atharva wants her to leave the house. Atharva believes that he is giving Imlie her freedom by letting her go, even though it is shattering him. Chini is happy about Imlie signing the divorce papers and hopes she will end her story with Arto. Shivani is irritated by the chandelier repair sound in the living room the next morning. Atharva informs Rudra, Devika, and Shivani that he has sent divorce papers to Imlie. Imlie signs the divorce papers.


Imlie suffers memory loss after a hot air balloon accident and tells Atharva they need to perform post-wedding rituals as they married just yesterday. The doctor informs the family that Imlie lost her memory after the wedding.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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