Imlie 21st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie gets admitted to the hospital

Imlie tries to sign divorce papers, but the pen doesn’t work. Chini praises herself for manipulating Arto and Imlie, and suggests Keya should act good to get into the family’s good books. Imlie interrupts Chini and warns to expose her truth. Imlie shows Chini and Keya a confession video and locks herself in the room. Chini tries to run after Imlie, but Keya suggests they escape through the window.

Arpita feels sad about Imlie’s divorce papers. Chini loosens the chandelier rope, causing it to fall on Imlie’s head and leaving her unconscious. Atharva and the family rush to Imlie’s aid. Chini hides the car keys, delaying their departure to the hospital. Rudra books a taxi. Atharva carries Imlie towards the hospital. Chini watches from behind, hoping Atharva will lose the race.

Update Credit: Aishwarya

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