Imlie 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie fools Chini by changing the party theme

Imlie 26th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Imlie asks Atharva if he wants to show her off to everyone. Imlie offers to recite her poems as a way to get to know her. Atharva is surprised that Imlie never mentioned her poetry before. Imlie wants to reveal her talent to the world and seeks Atharva’s opinion. Atharva praises Imlie’s poems for their honesty and wants to make her happy. Imlie thinks Atharva is reading her poems carefully as if it’s the first time. Atharva wants to move past his mistakes and see Imlie happy.

Chini informs Atharva about party preparation and he leaves. Atharva tells Imlie to rest and call him if needed. Chini chooses a village dress for Imlie to wear to the party. Imlie realizes Chini wants to test her and decides to wear the dress. Imlie feels confident and thinks she can defeat Chini’s conspiracies.

Chini returns home after visiting the parlor, expecting to impress Arto with her beauty. Chini is shocked to find everyone wearing traditional village attires. Atharva, Devika, and Shivani receive praise for their traditional attire. Ginni finds everyone looking fabulous in their traditional clothes. Akash feels uncomfortable in his traditional dress. Atharva reveals that the party is for Imlie, and he planned it according to her taste.

Imlie appears dressed as a south Indian bride and Atharva is mesmerized by her beauty. The song Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai Yaara Main Kya Karun plays in the background. Chini laughs at Imlie and tries to humiliate her. Atharva compliments Imlie’s appearance, and Arpita and Sundar also admire her. Ginni suggests Chini change her dress to fit the party theme. Chini becomes jealous and angry. Imlie recalls deciding to wear her traditional village attire, and Atharva suggests changing the theme to traditional attire from all over India.

Imlie gives credit to Atharva for selecting the traditional attire theme for the party. Chini asks why Imlie didn’t wear the dress she selected, and Imlie responds that she wore what her husband chose for her. Anu supports Imlie and reminds Chini to read the party invitation card. Imlie interacts with a kid named Vihan who sent her a friend request after her engagement with Atharva. Vihan reveals that Imlie writes “mangal kare maiya” in all her posts, which makes Atharva smile. Chini becomes angry that she couldn’t catch Imlie’s lies and failed to win. Imlie is enjoying the party and her victory over Chini’s plan.

Chini gets the juice for Imlie and adds some medicine to it. She offers the juice to Imlie who drinks it and starts feeling dizzy. Chini smirks thinking her plan is working. Imlie tries to stand but falls unconscious. Atharva notices Imlie and rushes to her. He asks Chini what happened to Imlie. Chini acts innocent and says she just gave her juice. Dev tells Atharva that Imlie’s juice was spiked with medicine. Atharva gets angry and confronts Chini. Chini tries to defend herself but Atharva doesn’t believe her. He says he will take Imlie to the hospital and asks Chini to stay away from them. Chini stands there, fuming in anger and defeated in her conspiracy.


Chini hands over an envelope to Imlie, who assumes it’s a gift and eagerly opens it. But as soon as she reads the letter inside, she becomes tense and worried. She asks Chini what kind of a joke this is, but Chini retorts that it’s not a joke and tells her to read the letter again. The letter reads that Imlie’s mother is seriously ill and needs her to come back to the village immediately. Imlie’s heart sinks as she thinks of her mother’s fragile health and the possible consequences if she doesn’t reach there in time. She breaks down in tears, feeling helpless and confused. Atharva, noticing Imlie’s distress, approaches her and asks what happened. Imlie shows him the letter and explains the situation. Atharva consoles her and assures her that they will leave for the village right away. Chini, who had been watching their interaction, feels guilty for her actions and decides to accompany them to the village to support Imlie.

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