Imlie 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie decides to get back her job

Imlie 27th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update – Ginni and Ripu encourage Atharva and Imlie to dance despite Imlie’s concerns about their clothing. The family dances according to the dress they wore on Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari song. Chini gets jealous and takes Imlie aside while Anu fumes and vows not to spare Imlie. Chini brings sweets for Imlie, but Imlie wants something tangy and rejects Chini’s dishes repeatedly. Chini brings a whole thali, which Imlie accepts, but then asks her to bring paan. Anu offers Imlie paan and thanks her for being kind to Chini, but then insists that Chini needs rest. Despite Anu’s request, she vows to not rest until Chini is out of the house.

The Rana family performs the next post-wedding ritual and offers gifts to Imlie, including a diamond necklace from Devika. Anu is shocked and upset, questioning why a servant’s daughter should receive such a gift, but is warned by Arpita to mind her tongue. Devika defends Imlie’s lineage, stating that her mother worked hard to become a journalist and is proud of her background. Rudra believes there can be no greater gift than a diamond for Imlie, while Anu becomes increasingly jealous. Keya is also jealous and demands that Akash find a way to get Imlie out of the house. Imlie thanks everyone for their gifts and requests Rudra’s blessings, which he provides by placing his hand on her head. Chini burns with jealousy towards Imlie.

Imlie takes a selfie with the family and Chini gives her an envelope, which contains a termination letter from Bhaskar Times. Imlie is shocked and confused, while Chini takes pleasure in her reaction and Anu sees her plan working. Atharva asks Imlie if everything is alright and reads the letter, deciding to keep the news from her. The rest of the family learns about the letter, with Rudra suggesting that it could be a mistake. Imlie feels guilty that her family has to lie on her behalf.

Anu and Chini are angry as their plan failed at the last moment. Imlie feels responsible for protecting Atharva and his family from Chini, but she doesn’t want to lose the job that gave her a new sense of purpose. Chini worries that if Imlie tries to save her job, she will get caught. Anu suggests that Imlie may secretly make some arrangements since she is the owner of Bhaskar Times. Chini plans to catch Imlie red-handed if she goes to the office.

Imlie decides to visit the office and takes food for Atharva. She overhears Atharva pleading with the editor not to terminate Imlie. However, the editor refuses. Atharva reminds him that Imlie is the owner of Bhaskar Times, but the editor says that Imlie requested to be treated like a regular employee, and he is sure she will continue to do so after knowing the truth. He cites the example of senior Imlie who prioritized work over personal life.

Imlie thinks that she cannot disappoint her mother and should not give up. She goes to talk to Atharva, who suggests that she should join Rudra’s business since she is talented and experienced. Imlie agrees, and Atharva goes to talk to Rudra about it. However, Imlie believes that Pagdandiya and Bhaskar Times are her mother’s karma bhoomi and she will do whatever it takes to get her job back.


Chini offers sweets to Imlie. Chini challenges Imlie to expose her lies. Imlie responds by saying that those who live by lies will be exposed soon. Chini is angry and fuming.

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